DAY 131- Down 83 after a week of up and down

Well I have been between 80 and 81 down for a week or so on another mini plateau. July 4th at my brother and sister-in-law’s house was a day of heavy eating. I did not eat the wrong things, but I ate a lot of the ribs and BBQ. The sauce was an unknown factor here, so maybe I did eat some of the wrong stuff. I also have been adding in some blueberries this week which may or may not have an impact. GOOD NEWS is I just broke through to 83 pounds down!

I want to do something special to recognize my 100 pound weight loss mark. I am talking with several local nonprofits about some ideas I have to mark the century mark for me. I am thinking about donating some (maybe 100!) volunteer hours and possibly donating some food (in 100 pound increments) to a local organization. I wanted to do something like this because typically I would celebrate reaching a goal or a special accomplishment with a BIG MEAL! I thought it would mean more to me to do something special for others to recognize reaching my goal.

I have started a renewed focus on my exercise routines for me, as I have started working on some routines for my wife. Of course, I mean my lovely wonderful wife! The one who has loved me through very THICK and moving toward THIN.

Stay focused on your goals and celebrate the milestones!

Loving Life,


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