We all make choices in life and we make them every day. Our lives are filled with choices like:

  • What do I wear today?
  • What toothpaste do I use?
  • Who do I date?
  • What school to attend?
  • and more……….

Choices have a LOT to do with the success or failure I have had and am having on my journey. Important choices I make every day include:

  • What do I eat today?
  • How much water do I drink?
  • How often do I eat?
  • Where do I eat when I go out?
  • When do I workout and what do I do?

How do I deal with these questions? Well let's take them on:

  • What do I eat today? I work to have healthy options available at home at all times and work my calorie based on eating 150-300 calories at a time for the most part. I build my eating choices based on having simple choices available starting first thing in the morning. An example might be Special K Protein Cereal with Silk for 120-175 calories or an omelet with 2 eggs/mushrooms and a little grated parmesan for 170 calories.
  • How much water do I drink? I drink 1/2 ounce of water per pound of body weight per day. I choose to start my day with 'at least' 20 ounces of water and go from there. By making a choice to start my day with water I know I will have a better chance of choosing to take in enough water throughout my day.
  • How often do I eat? I always know I will eat a minimum of 5 times a day. I start with that in mind and go from there.  There are times I eat 7 times a day. I choose to eat about every 3 hours no more than 4 hours.
  • Where do I eat when I go out? I like to eat! No question about it. I think differently about eating out now. If I am going to take in calories, I want them to be good calories that are well prepared.  The first step in choosing now starts with the thought "Where will I go to invest my calories when I go out?" I tell people that at restaurants all the time now. I am investing my caloric intake in 'your restaurant'!
  • When do I workout and what do I do? I track my workouts on my log and schedule them at different times each day depending on my schedule. I plug them into my calendar to keep me on track and choose different routines based on time, location, and body parts I am working.  Recently, I chose to run with my brother, Walter, to better hone my running skills (TheFatGuy has never been a runner!).  Running is one of the last tools I am putting in TheFatguy's fitness arsenal.

The most important choice I make each day is 'MY ATTITUDE'! If TheFatGuy chooses a good attitude in the morning then he will likely make good choices, if he chooses a bad attitude for the day, he knows he will make bad choices! Bad choices make for a bad journey!

I want to leave you with a few important 'take aways'  about choices that I have learned from MY journey:

  • Develop a simple framework for your daily choices.

    • Keep foods on hand that give you healthy simple choices.
    • Develop workout routines that can work anywhere. Start with doing what works for you and grow out from there. Hell just choose to 'move more' to start.
  • Choose based on long term goals for your journey rather than short term gratification. This is a hard choice for TheFatGuy but getting easier every day.

    • Do I choose a protein bar or a candy bar?
    • Do I get off of my lazy butt and move more?
    • TheFatGuy chooses to invest in the long term decisions as much as possible. My life expectancy has gone from 64 years of age in 2009 to 96 years of age today! I think TheFatGuy is making good choices.
  • One choice you must make each day is CHOOSE A GOOD ATTITUDE! Make this your first choice of the day.

Note to ME and YOU: Make the healthy choice the easy choice!


Thanks to my brother, Walter, for making running an easier choice!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your story and for the interview on Live 5 News today.
    Nicole Johnson


Make your choices based on long term goals and lifestyle, not on short term/instant gratification.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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