Built on LOVE!

Built on LOVE!

This past weekend Polly and I went to Pickens to get the last of her things from her parent’s property. We lost Garvin, Polly’s dad, in 2011 and Effie, Polly’s mom, in 2013. As we left the property this time we took some pictures which I include here, the view from their house and the sign that tells us who lived there.

The PortersThe View Feb 1 2015






As we left this time, things were different. It was almost like saying the final goodbye. We were not saying goodbye to the property. We were saying goodbye to Effie and Garvin. The property and many of the memories will be in fine hands with Polly’s sister, Sue. We know we are always welcome there and we know Sue will make the best use of the property.

I know Polly had some mixed emotions as she left this time. She misses her parents more than I know.

What I know is the house and property were ‘Built on LOVE!’ You see, Polly’s parents grew up financially poor. But they were not poor. They were wealthy in love, friends, family, and a love for God. They were wealthy in ways many of us never know or understand. Was life perfect? No. Was every moment perfect? No. Did they accomplish much in their lives? YES.

Effie and Garvin left their footprints on this world as they watch over us in the next. Garvin did many wonderful things. Probably the most impactful was helping many people find sobriety after he found his in 1982. He shared his story freely with all of its struggles. I heard many stories of how he helped people find and keep sobriety. I met him about 5 months into my journey of sobriety and I know he helped me. Garvin also loved his daughters with all of his heart and being. I know, I saw it firsthand.

Effie was probably one of the strongest people I have had the pleasure to know. She dealt with Garvin’s alcoholism for many years. She shared in his story of sobriety for 29 years. She cared for Garvin through his final day. There was so much love there. Tough love through his bout with alcoholism and lasting love that spanned many decades.

Effie did many things for her church, like writing a book about its history. She did many things for her community and always visited those that needed someone to be there for them, to care for them. Her most lasting accomplishment is her two daughters. She made sure they both graduated college, had a solid foundation in Christ, and became strong women like her.

Effie did all of this with much perspiration, prayer, and more common sense than any two people I know. I cannot begin to share all of the wisdom she passed on to Polly and Sue. I got a healthy dose of her wisdom, also!

AND Effie and Garvin loved to take care of their property! They had gardens, and woods, and wild blueberries. Garvin raised hunting dogs till late in his life. Effie worked the garden and property till her final summer at 90 years of age. They put the heart and soul into the land.

So, the property and house in Pickens were built on a foundation of love. The family is built on a foundation of love. AND ME, well I am blessed to be part of this family and share in the love. Truly BLESSED! Effie and Garvin will always be a special part of my journey. They loved me through thick and thin.

Note to YOU and ME: Things Built on and with Love Last forever in our hearts! And sharing love is the best gift you could ever give someone.


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4 thoughts on “Built on LOVE!

  1. Garvin and Effie were two of the sweetest people that I ever met. I grew up in Mtn Grove church with this family and I always loved to hear Polly sing. I will always remember this sweet family.

  2. Garvin worked with my dad at the SC Wildlife Dept. and was a great guy with many talents unknown by many. His knowledge of the woods and wildlife was absolutely amazing. I remember one of my professors, Frank Percival, at Clemson talking about Marvin and how he got more education from him than any course he had taken from any university. They do not make them like Marvin any more.