I've had a week where balance was the key when I reflected on it. I was able to do many things that are important to me in my life and enjoy a week doing them. I have never been one to strive for balance in my life so when I achieve it, even for a week, it is something to celebrate and, hopefully, duplicate. Balance has always been an issue for me. My M.O. is to go all-in on a project or idea, and lose track of other things in my life that are important to keep me healthy and on track.

I had a healthy dose of family, prayer, adventure, fun, work (book & presentation), volunteer projects, reflection, and my civic duty (VOTING)! . I realize I can do it. I just have to think about it a little!

I invested (I hate the word spent) a day with Polly that involved voting, sharing a wonderful meal at Blossom's, shopping for her birthday (this week), and enjoying each other's company. I think that set the tone for the week! It was a great day.

From there I reread my book and decided that I could take the parts of it and rework it into a new outline which I have in place that makes more sense to me and hopefully others that take the time to read it when it is done. I helped a friend work on an idea that could quite possibly help nonprofits and their Executives better serve their employees and organization. I was able to get work done with 5 of the nonprofits I volunteer with which always makes me happy! And, because of a good friend and Polly's encouragement to change my schedule, I had a great adventure and fun on Thursday going down to Huntington Island to ride in BMW race cars and drive the various models on a 2 mile track at high speed, getting to see how well they perform. The M cars are definitely PERFORMANCE MACHINES! I thank Brad Davis and Bill Gironda at Hendrick's Imports/BMW for a great day.  Oh, and I helped promote my article in Oblique Magazine. Quite a treat that I can still not believe.

More importantly, I was able to reflect and pray each day! I always pray for guidance and the people in my life. I always use the same tool to reflect which starts with Honesty and Attitude each day. I am glad these are consistent in every day.

I ended the week with a fun day with family, friends, and an inspirational time at my brothers house! You will have to wait till Thursday morning for that update on the inspiration, as it is the perfect day to highlight this moment in my life and the people that gave it to me.

Note to YOU and ME: BALANCE! We all need balance in our lives for our own success and well being! FIND IT!

The "Balanced" Fat Guy!

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