Bad midterm grade, so what are you gonna do about it?

TheFatGuy was not pleased with his midterm grades as he did his Midyear Checkup 2013 (a little late). The grades could have definitely been much better, BUT the journey did continue! So the question becomes “Bad midterm grade, so what are you gonna do about it?”

To answer this question TheFatGuy has to revert to a good dose of Self-Honesty and take a hard look at himself. What good habits need to be revisited and reinforced? What will continue to build a road toward success for TheFatGuy’s journey?

Some of the conscious changes he made on July 5th were:

·         Understanding he allowed this situation to occur is a critical point. Regardless of circumstances, TheFatGuy allowed himself to get more than a little ‘out of bounds’.

·         Taking processed sugar out of his diet except for very very special occasions (i.e> 28th Anniversary Celebration with his wife!)

·         Logging- in his effort to move away from his physical logging, he lost sight of managing his days. He is now working on logging ‘mentally’ to track his daily intake and number of meals

·         Water intake- again he is not sure he was really taking in the water necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. He is now back to ½ ounce of water per pound of body weight a day, minimum!

·         Portion Control- he is now back to measuring, checking and knowing what a portion is!

·         Keeping the right foods on hand: fruits and veggies with a ‘healthy’ dose of protein is now what stocks the fridge and cupboard.

·         Not taking food (healthy or not) upstairs with him after the evening meal!

·         He continues to work toward a positive healthy attitude to start each day. Part of that involves encouraging others on their journeys and learning from their journeys. Through social media TheFatGuy has become part of a network of people that are at varying stages of their own journeys. They help hi travel his own journey every day. (TheFatGuy may do a separate blog on this SOON!)

·         Using the Total Gym XLS to do Advanced Workouts with Todd Durkin. Kicking it up a notch is a good thing! The Total Gym has been a big part of TheFatguy’s journey and continues to move hi forward in his fitness and health goals.

·         Increasing his cardio work doing stands, sprints, walking, and biking!

TheFatGuy has worked to get all of these things in place. He is happy to report that as of last week he is already down 10 pounds from July 5th! You know, that last weight gained is the quickest to go.

TheFatGuy would also like to encourage you and all to not let setbacks define YOU! No, he nor you want setbacks to become a pattern or habit. But, we only truly fail when we stop trying.

Note to ME and YOU: Learn from the setbacks and keep moving forward toward where you want to go and what you want to be. Travel YOUR journey!




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