Are ‘others’ important to TheFatGuy’s journey?

This question came out of TheFatGuy’s last blog, Bad midterm grade, so what are you gonna do about it? As he pondered this question, it did not take him long to see how important ‘others’ were to his journey.

TheFatGuy has always said that you have to travel this journey for YOU. In following this logic he has always traveled his journey for him and worked on how he would find success in becoming fit and healthy. In doing this he has developed a great amount of personal success in his journey. BUT, this success was drawn from many relationships he has had or now has in his life. These relationships have become many of the building blocks to his success. Having the ‘right’ people around you tremendously improves the odds of success on your journey.

How have family and social networks played a role in TheFatGuy’s story?

·         As many of you know, TheFatGuy’s wife provided the spark that helped start TheFatGuy’s Journey OUT OF THE FIRE!!. She is the person that made TheFatGuy realize that he needed to find his way Out of the Fire if he was going to be able to be of value to his family and friends, and be able to help them the way he wanted to help them.

·         As TheFatguy traveled his journey he quickly developed an all too familiar champion of his journey. His brother, Walter, started checking out his blog posts and following his journey online and in his everyday life. Walter introduced TheFatGuy to the Lean Team when he was looking for an organization to volunteer 100 hours with and donate $100 to as he lost his 100th pound. This introduction ultimately lead TheFatGuy to doing a SWOT analysis for the Lean Team, becoming Chair of Eat Smart Move More Charleston Tri-County, Chair of the state ESMM communications committee, and more in the obesity prevention arena. You never know how one person will influence your journey!

·         TheFatGuy’s mom and dad have prayed for him and given unconditional support to him throughout his life and journey. Masses said, candles lit, and prayers always help to keep the journey in a positive lane. 

·         TheFatGuy had many friends move in and out of his journey with kind words, support, and advice. Everyone had an impact on his journey in some way.

·         His attachment to the relationships built through Camp Kemo (a camp for kids with cancer) and Lasting Impressions (a support group for teens with cancer) have been a key to his life and his present journey to health and fitness.

·         His most recent revelations have come from the support and connections he has developed through social media. As he sits here and ponders this social network, he is a little amazed. Facebook has been a great place to find support and interest for his journey. But, Twitter has been a complete surprise to him. The support, information, and inspiration he has received from his Twitter social network has been a great addition to his journey. He has gained connections with people at different stages of their own journeys. He has seen these connections help him in ways they probably do not know, but their inspiration has been wonderful and often timely. Some of these connections include: @100Lighter, @Fit4April, @dietcokehead85, @Lizette0124, @OvercomingO, @keepitupdavid, and @ColleenFKelly . These are not ALL of the positive influencers he has on Twitter but this group represents a fair amount of tonnage lost and knowledge gained. They share their knowledge and experience freely. They positively influence TheFatGuy and many others. He is happy to have them in his life and part of his journey!

SO, although TheFatGuy has to travel his journey for him, he definitely has associated himself with people that can assist him in a positive way on his journey. He wishes everyone finds positive people with positive energy, great experience and solid information to assist in their journey.

Note to ME and YOU: Recognize, love, and thank the people in your life that have impacted your journey in any way.  Cherish those relationships, for they are the ones that could be the difference in a successful or not so successful journey.




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2 thoughts on “Are ‘others’ important to TheFatGuy’s journey?

  1. Hey BEAST! Thanks for the shout-out, and for including me in such wonderful company. I agree – it’s amazing the kind of support and connections that can be made on Twitter, and it’s been a pleasure getting to know you, 140 characters at a time.
    Keep it up!