AMAZING! 218.8 three days Post Camp Kemo

TheFatGuy Cat in the HAT 2014AI had a wonderful time at Camp Kemo this year! 28th year was as great as any other. I absolutely love the kids my Camp Kemo Family.

I was a little concerned going into camp as many f you know it is an eat fest. We have many great meals and snack times covered my some fine eating establishments and volunteer groups. I ‘allowed’ myself to turn the sugar switch on and it did not go off all week. Cupcakes, cookies, candy, snacks, snacks, and more snacks. I could feel the sugar and salt running through my veins. Not a great feeling. The one real positive thing I did was start my day with a healthy protein shake for breakfast and take my daily round of vitamins. It did keep my body and cells properly nourished while I struggled with some extra tonnage. Weight wise I did get a good bit out of bounds and felt a little sluggish.

Now for the AMAZING news. I planned 2 cleanse days for Sunday and Monday with Polly, and started my shake routine back yesterday. AND I weighed 218.8 this morning! Even with a bad week (unconscious intake of sugar and salt) of eating I am down 3 pounds 3 days post Camp Kemo. My body bounces back so much faster with the system and products Casey Plouffe introduced me to recently.

I have not promoted a system or product (other than my unpaid testimonial for Total Gym) before because I did not use any other products that made sense to me. I am just now trying to learn the science behind the products. I have seen several presentations and understand that it really does tune up my cells and body. Maybe like changing the oil and other fluids in a car to get the best performance out of it. The thing I know is I am definitely performing at a higher level and I am definitely in a great place with these products.

So now my total weight loss is 19.2 pounds and I feel GREAT! Contact me if you want wore info on the products or business.

And, Take Care of YOU!

Note to ME and YOU: Do everything you can to make your body work for you and not against you. It is the only one you have!

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