30 YEARS!!! This is dedicated to the ONE I LOVE! #blessed #thankful

You may say 30 years is a LONG time. It is and it isn’t. The last 30 years has flown by when it comes to my life with my wonderful wife. We have experienced all of the highs and lows of life and marriage. We have been up and down, right and wrong, happy and sad, and through it all we have come out with 30 years of great memories.wedding pic

I must say, I have been the clear winner in our relationship. I have benefited in so many ways from Polly being in my life, putting up with my ups and downs, dealing with my weight, job demands, and ME. Polly has been the significant force that has allowed me to accomplish anything important in life. I am thankful for Polly for a number of reasons and I will list a few of the BIG ones here:

  • Polly supported and loved me through a majority of my 28 ½ year career in Ops Management at the SC Port Authority. She saw me go from terminal to terminal and operation to operation. She dealt with my all-in attitude and supported long hours and intense focus on the job at hand while not focusing as much on her and other things in my life. Anyone that I was able to positively impact during my time there has Polly to thank because she supported me and loved me unconditionally while I was investing time in others.
  • Polly supported my decision to leave the Ports Authority the last day of December 2004 to chase a dream of saving a nonprofit that had become near and dear to my heart, the local Boys & Girls Clubs. She knew I would go ALL-IN and she knew it would mean much time invested in the kids and organization with less time invested in her. She supported the 70 hour weeks for 3 ½ years and she loved me through it all. She loved me through going from 300 to 360 pounds. She loved me through an injury I sustained the summer of 2006 and drove me everywhere I needed to be. She loved me even though my weight, health, mind, and soul were becoming worn out and wore down. She loved me even though she was scared for my life with all of the health issues the weight and lifestyle had lumped on me.
  • Polly has done many things for me during our relationship, many significant things. The most significant to me was saving my life in February 2009. She told me “The Fire Story” that quite literally saved my life. It was the story that created that AHA moment that started me on my journey of weight loss. It was the story that got me to see I needed to Take Care of ME if I was ever going to be able to help and support anyone else in my life. It created that spark and momentum for me to lose 150 pounds. This helped me to shed 7 medications, a CPAP machine, and other health related issues.

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To say I am a much better person with Polly Porter-Campbell in my life is an understatement. She is the spark that makes me go, she is the light that guides my way, she is the love of my life that completes me in so many ways.

Thank You Polly for agreeing to marry me 30 years ago today! Thank You Polly for making this roller coaster ride so enjoyable and meaningful. Thank You for being YOU!

Note to ME and YOU: My prayer for all of us is that we have at least one person in our lives that supports us, loves us for who we are, and sometimes saves our life.

PPC and MFC AUg 8 2015

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