2012 was a great year!

After taking a SWOT at it since December 29th, this is my main resolution/goal for 2012! On December 31, 2012 I want to say 2012 was a great year!

2012 Resolutions/Goals to get there:

  • Lose 34.4 lbs by March 31
  • 150 straight reps of bleachers at Stoney Field (I've done over 100 in the past)
  • Log diet and exercise daily
  • Audition for and appear on Big Brother and Survivor
  • Complete my book by January 31
  • Develop a plan to market my book and story by January 31
  • Schedule all of my time in my Android and stick to it
  • Blog 2 times a week on Tuesday and Thursday about what has worked and not worked for TheFatGuy
  • No sugar in 2012! (this may be a lifetime decision!)
  • Do something nice and thoughtful for one person each day

My plan is to be SMART and use SMART for my 2012 success. SMART> Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. One item on MY list may be more important to my success than all of the others. If you cannot guess which one I will blog about it on Thursday. Following blogs will explain the other items and why they are ALL important to TheFatGuy and his journey.

Note to ME and YOU: Make 2012 a Great Year by being SMART!



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