2012: The Fat Guy on Winter Tips

I did a radio program called Carolina Now with Kelly Golden last week. It was aired on local Clear Channel stations. We talked about TheFatGuy, his journey, and fitness in the winter. If you want to know what TheFatGuy sounds like you can listen to the podcast at 2012: The Fat Guy on losing weight . If not, I will list some of TheFatGuy's winter tips below:

  • Jog in place during the commercials of a 1 hour TV show. You will burn as much as 200 calories.
  • Participate in winter sports like skiing, ice hickey, and cross country skiing. (not in Charleston)
  • Eat in-season produce, like, chestnuts, oranges, or kale.
  • Make sure to warm-up because the cold temps will tighten your muscles
  • Stay hydrated!! You guys know I preach water. This is one item many of us overlook in winter months.
  • Join a fitness facility. I joined Planet Fitness in November. My first gym in 16 months! No long term contract, cheap monthly payments, and Very Clean!
  • Ditch the elevator! Take the stairs more often.
  • Create a home gym with rubber bands, dumbbells, jump rope, and exercise balls
  • If you live in Charleston winter is a day or two here and there! Get outside!! Walk the Ravenel Bridge, do a fitness trail (like the one at Hampton Park), play some family games outside.
  • Have a family fitness contest or dance contest indoors.
  • There are plenty of things you can do to stay active during the winter!

As I always say,  just Move More! Do what works for you and go from there. Get out in the fresh air and sunshine as much as you can. Whether you are in the Sunbelt or Snowbelt, it is good for you. Just remember to layer your clothes.

When you get those winter blues, start moving around, get active, and SMILE!

Note to ME and YOU: Embrace the seasonal changes and make them work for you!


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