100,000 downloads! All FREE

100,000 downloads!  All FREE

One of MY goals for 2015 is to GIVE AWAY 100,000 copies of my book. Anyone can download it for FREE with your email and name to the right of this post. SOOOOOO, I need YOUR HELP. Please share this with whomever and however. Share it through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or just email it to a friend. Ask them to share it, TOO.

Why FREE? I want to help anyone, everyone!

As TheFatGuy, I struggled with how to help people with my journey, how to continue to do my volunteer work, and how to start a new career/chapter in my life. During this time, my journey has introduced me to many individuals seeking HOPE, DIRECTION, and a PATH “Out of the FIRE”. If you are struggling to find your way “Out of The Fire!” you deserve to read my story, my journey. I am sure you will find some golden nuggets in it that will help you start and travel your own journey. I want to see you succeed!

I have also discovered a number that scares me as much as the 360 pounds I stared at on the scale in February 2009. That number is over 98 million people struggling with obesity in our country! I want to see that changed, and change now. If my story can help change that number for the better then I am happy to share it with ALL!! Take Care of YOU, so YOU can be the best YOU for your family, friends, and community!

I believe I have traveled MY journey to help others find their way “Out of The Fire” called obesity. I believe my story can help people find the hope and the path they need to change their lives.

Please join me to change the direction of our obesity epidemic. Please join me to change the life of one person, then another , and another, until the tide of obesity has turned and headed in a direction that finds us all a little bit healthier, a little bit happier, and feeling …………. Feeling GREAT!

Note to ME and YOU: Be the change you want to see in the world!




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