You are a good looking guy without the FAT!

Yep, got that comment from another guy recently, 'you are a good looking guy without the FAT!' I make no bones about the fact that I look better than I did in March 2009. I mean I work out, eat much better, and I lost 150 pounds. I better look better!

This gentleman and I got to talking in Starbucks, I gave him my card, and the above was his next comment. As has been my norm, I told him I am glad I look better, but take the difference he sees between the picture of me at 360 pounds and now, multiply it times 3, and that is how much better I feel! My health and how I feel is soooooooo much better now. Subtract the weight, 7 meds, great reports from my doctor, and you get a guy that feels great.

You can see for yourself! Go to the front page of my website ( and see the pics of the last 2 blogs before this one. You will see 2 different guys! I think I not only look better because of the weight loss, but because of how I feel. I feel really good and I think that helps me to look better. I will be 55 this Thursday and feel better now than I did in my twenties. When I look in the mirror, I like what I see because I am healthy, happy, strong, and feel great. I like me now more than ever.

I feel young! The pictures and journal help to remind me of when I felt old. I do not want to go back there………….. ever.

Note to ME and YOU: Be the person you know you can be and never stop trying to be that person!



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