Why Tune Up TheFatGuy?

Why Tune Up TheFatGuy?

5 years ago the thought of Tuning Up my health and body would have made me laugh and probably feel a little sad. At 360 pounds I was just trying to exist. I was trying to take care of me with 7 medications, a CPAP machine, and a wife that cared deeply for me, but who had become very concerned about what might happen next. I really was not ‘taking care of me’. Ticking time bomb, disaster on 2 legs, or a health care nightmare are phrases that come to mind. I was just barely in survival mode.

Then, as many of you know, I became TheFatGuy on March 2, 2009 and started my journey to health and wellness. I lost 150 pounds in 363 days; AND lost 7 medications, a CPAP machine, and a lot of life’s ‘baggage’ (physical, mental, and emotional). I am sooo proud of what TheFatGuy has accomplished and happy for his accomplishments.

TheFatGuy worked hard over the past 5 years challenging himself at every turn> 150 reps of the Stoney Field stands, 450 Push Ups every 20 seconds for 30 minutes, The Cooper River Bridge Run, and moving up to the Advanced Total Gym workouts, just to name a few. He has always been proud of the fact he lost the weight on his own and has been able to manage it for 5 years! He has hovered in the 230s the past two years while building muscle and challenging himself.

Time for a new challenge, time for a Tune Up! Why?

First, because TheFatGuy can Tune Up! One more thing he never thought he would do. He feels great but wants to take it to ‘the next level’. He wants to continue to improve his health, wellness, and life as he turns 58. His birthday present to him is continuing his journey to improved health and wellness. Who wouldn’t want that?

Second, TheFatGuy has met and spoken to many people that want to start their journey to health and wellness. They want to find their way “Out of the Fire!” He has offered his story/book for free to anyone that wants it on his website. He has offered his assistance in many ways. He has seen many people that are in the same state he was 5 years ago. He is also doing this Tune Up with those people in mind. He feels he has found the right nutritional system that can help anyone. He sees it as a great tool and wants to try it himself to best take care of himself and to show others a great tool/system to find health, wellness and wealth.

If you are ready to start your journey or want to Tune Up your journey, contact me, TheFatGuy!

Note to ME and YOU: Today is the first day of the rest of your life. What a great day to start your journey!


Tune Up Time for TheFatGuy!

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