Why grade ME?

In writing MY last post on "Grading January 2012!" I realized talking about the Why of it would be important to ME and maybe YOU.

First, let ME say to those of you that do NOTHING and NEVER make a mistake, you need not read any further. Don't waste your time. Seriously! I read a fellow bloggers post  "Missing a Self Imposed Deadline" last week and this is part of what I told him: Those who do NOTHING never miss a deadline and NEVER make a mistake! No need for a grade or evaluation with them!

The bottom line to grading ME is it keeps ME accountable to ME. This all goes back to waking up each day and making Honesty the first thing I think about on MY journey each day. I have always been proud of MY honesty with others. Being honest with ME is another story. I have not always been the best at being honest with ME. Looking at what I have done well and not so well the day before is necessary, critical, and works for ME. By grading January, I have given myself a tool to evaluate a part of MY journey. I can look at the evaluation of ME, ask, and see:

  • What am I doing well?
  • What am I doing 'not so' well?
  • What's working and why?
  • What's not working and why?

In business, I always evaluated the projects I undertook and the personnel that worked with ME in each area I was responsible to direct or manage. I was timely, fair, and direct in MY evaluation of others and the projects. I need to be no less timely, fair, and direct with ME, if I seek success in anything personal or professional in life.  

By grading my 2012 resolutions/goals in January I am giving ME the best shot at saying "2012 was a great year!" on December 31, 2012! I am giving myself a foundation to work toward a successful year, rather than a look back at failed and squandered opportunities to do what is important to ME.

I am sitting on just shy of a B+ average for January, which is good. I can take that foundation and work the grade up or I can be satisfied with it and set myself up for a backslide. And, I am choosing to go for that Great Year!

Note to Me and YOU: I will be MY harshest critic and I will always want the best out of ME!



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