Whose Bus Am I On?

Whose bus am I on? I starting asking myself this question recently. As a child, I rode the bus once in awhile with my mom and several times on my own. When you get on the bus you go where it goes. The driver has an established route and you decide if you want to go where he is going or not.

Well, I realized I have ridden on many buses in my life and gone in many directions I may not have wanted to go. Buses like work career, social life, church groups, and others. I have ridden on many buses driven by other people. Many times I have climbed on these buses traveling to places I just as soon not see. I have done this for many reasons, such as, peer pressure, loneliness, fear, and it was just plain comfortable to let someone else drive.

Problem with getting on these buses is I go where they go.  This may not have been where I wanted to go, but I would go anyway. Not only did I get on other 'people's' buses, I also let my ADDICTIONS DRIVE THE BUS! Now those were some helluva rides. When you let your addiction take the wheel………… HANG ON TIGHT! The night of Superbowl XII ( Dallas 27- Denver 10) in January 1978 I woke up at a stop sign in downtown Charleston with my car running, foot on the brake, and a police officer shining a light in my eyes through the driver window. I did not learn much of a lesson from this episode since the officer was kind enough to follow me home and see I walked in the house.! Nice guy, my addiction to alcohol lasted 6 more years because of guys like him (not blaming, just saying).

Yep, I have been on the buses of my addictions and other people's buses for most of my life. I was able to do a lot of good things, especially for others, but I always ended up someplace I did not necessarily want to be. Someplace my addiction or another person stopped the bus and let me off. Not often a great feeling!

On March 2, 2009 I got my own bus, jumped in the driver's seat and have not looked back since. I started the spreadsheet (Fat Guy Diary) that has helped me to get my own bus and helped to develop a map that my bus follows. My bus has helped me to lose 150 pounds, gain better insight into ME, and develop the life tools I need to stay in the driver seat of my own bus. Of course, having God as my co-pilot helps a lot. He gives me the tools to drive the bus, I just need to figure out how they work and USE THEM.

Don't misunderstand, I have had many leadership roles in my life and done well in them. But as I look back, I feel this past two years has been the first time I have really driven my own bus. Does it feel good? YES! Is it scary at times? YES, but not as scary as some of the rides I have been on in the passenger seat of someone else's bus! Does it take some work? YES, but not as much work as trying to get where I want to be after getting off of someone else's bus far from MY destination! Oh, you can get on MY bus and get off anytime you want, but YOU CANNOT DRIVE MY BUS! I DRIVE MY BUS!

Bus rules:

  • Own YOUR bus
  • Take care of YOUR bus
  • Keep working on YOUR driving skills

Note to ME and YOU: Get in the driver seat of YOUR bus and never give it up!


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3 thoughts on “Whose Bus Am I On?

  1. Hey Big Guy,

    Nice to see you finally figured out how to write using a metaphor. No – really it was very good ( sarcasm).
    REALLY !??? (SNL reference). How can you remember what you did on March 2nd, 2009, when I can’t remember what I had for breakfast ???? Joke between you and me – Clackers (1970’s toy)