Where do I start?

Last time we decided "That Magic Button" is inside of ME and YOU. Sometimes it is hard to see and hard to find, but I promise you it is there! Now that I've pushed the button, WHERE DO I START?

Good question and one I get a lot. For some reason when I get a random stranger asking, the first thing they say is "You did P90X, right?" And each time I will say "Nope", then smile, point to my noggin and say "I got my head around it first". When I started my journey I thought about all of the things I could do for exercise and quickly realized I was 360 pounds of not-fit-at-all!

You see after 3 1/2 years of little to no activity, I was totally out of shape.  Also, as you know, my health was horrible! One flight of steps would kill me. I had a bicycle in our garage, but could not get comfortable riding it at my enormous size.   I wanted to challenge ME and I wanted to push ME, but at this point in my life, pushing ME took on entire different meaning . I wasn't mentally, physically, or emotionally ready to hit the gym.

So, for the first 6 weeks I committed to researching food, my eating habits, logging, and just simply Moving More! I had some adjustable dumbbells around the house that I would use to do exercises for 30 minutes a day targeting various body parts. I would also walk the dogs, take the steps in our house more often, and just look for little ways to stretch and move my body more. On day 29 I got on my bike for the first time, day 30 saw ME walk 12 holes of golf before developing a heal blister, and on day 34 I walked the mountain roads in Pickens with my wife! All huge deals to ME on the way to walking back into a gym on day 40!

Let's look at another person's starting point. I met with someone this past summer to help her with direction and starting her journey to fitness and health.  She was struggling with finding and pushing her 'magic button' but wanted to do something to change. I went through a series of questions I asked her over about 50 minutes or so to help us find some direction for her. After the last question she announced she was joining a gym the very next day!

Shocked might describe MY reaction at this point. I said "Why are you going to join a gym tomorrow?" She looked puzzled now. I said, "It's not a trick question or anything, I am just curious."  She said, "Well………… I want to get in shape and lose weight". I think she was looking for the right answer to GIVE ME rather than the right answer for HER. She said "why did you ask me that question?" 

I told her that after talking for almost an hour I had learned a number of things about her.  Money was tight for her, she hated gyms, and did not have a gym close to her house! She loved to dance and do dance classes, she loved to walk her neighborhood, and she really loved to walk on the beach which was not a long drive for her. She needed to start there and build on those items. Challenge yourself with those first and then move into other activities/exercises.

Why is this important to share? I would subconsciously and sometimes consciously sabotage ME. I would push my magic button then create a barrier to keeping it set. Now I look to push the button and keep it set by recognizing and removing barriers that impede or halt my journey.

Note to ME and YOU: Start with what you know and challenge yourself from there!


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