What matters!?

End of Week 2 on Maintenance:

I am hanging around 204 pounds. I continue to modify my strength and resistance training which is having a definite positive impact on my muscle tone and body shape. I am doing things in my routines that I have NEVER been able to do. Things like body weight dips, pull-ups, chin-ups, various Knuckle pushups and more. I like challenging myself physically. It keeps me sharp!

What matters!? What matters is family and those we love. My mother-in-law has gone through a great deal recently. Polly and I are presently in Pickens helping Effie and my father-in-law get settled back at their house. Effie has gone through a lot recently with her health. She had a pacemaker put in, then had a nasty fall that came close to killing her, and then sinus surgery to have a fungal mass removed. Between the last two events her head and neck are almost completely black and blue! She is a strong woman for 88 years old but, not surprisingly, worn out right now. She is as weak as I have ever seen her.

These events make it a little harder for me to stay on track with my fitness/health journey, but they also point out the need for me to maintain my journey so I can be in the best position and personal health possible to help the ones I love when I have the opportunity to help. I am very blessed to have a great family and great in-laws! I want to be around for awhile to share their lives and ups and downs. Staying fit and healthy is the way I know I can best serve them and God.

I am writing this at McDonalds in Pickens which had the only WiFi a could find and it is FREE! Thanks McDonalds! Oops, don’t tell anyone, I had a specialty frozen coffee drink while here!

Note to You: Enjoy the ones you love! They make life worth all of the ups and downs!

Loving and Appreciating Life and Family,
The Fat Guy

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