What kind of impact can I have?

As TheFatGuy wrote 'Shameless Self-Promotion', his last blog, a question came to mind. The question was: What kind of impact can I have? If TheFatGuy is to Shamelessly Self-Promote, he needed to know what kind of impact he was going to have with what he was promoting. If he was not going to promote selling a used car clunker to someone, what was he selling?

First, 'what kind of impact can I have' is a very big question. It can be almost overwhelming if you start to think about it too long. What kind of impact does the president have, the governor have, the pope have,  Bill Gates have,……..?  What kind of impact does TheFatGuy have? Ask yourself, what kind of impact do I have?

Second, let's start with the basics in asking this question. Let's look at what kind of impact TheFatGuy had on himself. For the first 32 years of his adult life TheFatGuy did a lot right helping organizations and individuals attain success. What he did not impact well was his own physical health and well-being. He had a total disregard for taking care of his health and fitness on a regular basis. The impact this had was dramatic to the point of negatively impacting his quality of life, his life expectancy, his relationship with his wife, and the list goes on. So, what kind of impact did TheFatGuy have on himself pre-March 2009? Not a really good impact that seemed to diminish over the years.

Post-March 2009 TheFatGuy has had a very good impact on himself. He has traveled a very positive journey. He has put things in place along the way to help him toward success in his health and fitness levels. He has learned to best take care of himself so he can be the best person to help others in his life. By putting systems and structure into place he has transformed his life, retooled his body, and dramatically improved his health. By looking in the mirror, owning his issues, and committing to himself, he has made a tremendous impact on his life. What can of impact can you have on you? You can make any impact you want to make on you if TheFatGuy can transform his life in his mid-50s!

Lastly, what kind of impact can I have outside of TheFatGuy's personal journey? This is a question that is important to him and should be to you. TheFatGuy considers he is in a much better place to help his family, friends, and community now as opposed to 2009. He is a much better person in health, fitness, mind, and soul. He has been in a much better place to positively impact his family during some trying times over the past 2 years. He has been able to utilize his journey to impact a number of obesity related organizations. Bottom line is, the impact TheFatGuy is having now compared to 2009 is much more significant because he is a much better tool to have a significant impact in all areas of his life.

What kind of impact can I have 'on my own life'? What kind of impact can I have 'on others in my life'? Do I have the right tools to have a positive impact in my life and others in my life?

Note to ME and YOU: Find the right path and tools to best impact YOU and then spread it to the world around YOU!


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