What is CAMP KEMO?

The scripted answer is:  CAMP KEMOis a weeklong summer camp for patients with cancer, ages 5–18 and their siblings. Staffed by physicians, nurses and volunteers, CAMP KEMO allows campers to swim, boat, hike, and simply be children. The fun times at CAMP KEMO lay important groundwork for future treatment as participants learn to trust, respect and relate to one another. CAMP KEMOis completely funded by community donations.

PURPOSE: To provide a normal camping experience for children with cancer and their siblings

SPONSORED BY: Children's Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders of Children’s Hospital, Palmetto Health Columbia, South Carolina

 What is Camp Kemo…REALLY? It is:

  • a place where you get to see a traffic jam of magic moments.
  • an all-you-can-eat week of fun (counselors know what I mean here)
  • a safe place for parents to leave their very prized possession, their child and KNOW they are well taken care of for the week!
  • a place where the activities are only outshined by the lifelong relationships built there
  •  Love, Laughter, Sharing, and Caring all rolled into one.

What is Camp Kemo to ME? During the past 25 years it has all too often been a shining week in a long year of rebuilding a department or organization the other 51 weeks of the year. It has been the week that recharged my batteries and stripped away the cynicism of life. It has been a week of growing old relationships, building new ones, and sharing smiles. On my present journey Camp Kemo is a week of positive energy added to my new found youth, health, fitness and love for life. Camp Kemo is nothing short of GREAT!

Note to ME and YOU: I wish we all find that special place in life that ALWAYS brings a smile! My place is CAMP KEMO. What is yours?


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