Week Ending March 5, 2010

This is my first week on maintenance and I have seen my ups and downs. I have been between 201 and 205 pounds this week. I am 203 pounds on March 5th.
Factors that have influenced this week have been:
• Starting off my maintenance with a dessert party the first night was TOUGH! I had way to much homemade toffee, which I made!
• I have been battling a bad head cold since hitting 150 pounds down.
• Polly and I had a wonderful date night for the first time in a while at Blossoms. I had Ossobuco and then went to Cold Stone Creamery for Ice Cream. A dangerous combo all in one night.
• Shifted workout focus from high cardio back to strength/resistance training.

Even with the bounce in weight, I feel pretty good about things. I checked my Body Fat with The Lean Team (Coleen) on March 4th and measured it at 19.4. This number is down 3.2 points from January 22nd when my BF was 22.6! I also went to my doctor March 5th and await the blood test reports to see where I stand after losing 150 pounds and off of all of my meds. My Blood Pressure has been running around 116/75 recently which is a dramatic improvement over a year ago when my BP hovered around 145/95 on MEDS!

Other updates: I am working with Canaan to update my website now. You should see a dramatic improvement in the site shortly! Also, Marjory is about to have the first draft of my book ready for review and fine tuning!! Probable title will be “Fat Guy Diary: Living, Loving, Losing, Laughing!”

Loving Life and Finding My Journey,
The Fat Guy

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