I posted an audio tip from Dr. J and TheFatGuy yesterday titled Visualization. Below is the message from one of our Eat Smart Move More fit tips:

  • Visualization -What you think about you bring about. What occupies your thoughts? Try visualizing your perfect life.  If you want to become fit, think about what that would look like. Picture yourself engaged in the activity, whether it’s running on the beach each morning or competing in a triathlon.  If you see yourself succeeding, you will! Give it a try next time you start daydreaming about the couch and get moving! For Eat Smart Move More this is Dr. J & TheFatGuy reminding you to get fit for life!

After I posted this tip to Facebook I received a message from a local gentleman, Bryan, taking a journey similar to ME! He wrote about how visualizing his success was so important to him. It took ME right back to the start of MY journey on March 2, 2009. I thought about that day and what I 'visualized' on that day.

On that very first day of the rest of my life, I visualized a 'journey' to health and wellness. I saw where I was and then looked down a path toward a better healthier fitter ME. For the first time in a long time I could see MY path "Out of the Fire"! I knew I had to walk and shape that path to reach what I saw in MY mind's eye.

Some things I have 'visualized' along MY journey:

  • Losing that 150th pound! That 150th pound that some people doubted would happen, but I could SEE IT!
  • On the bleachers at Stoney Field I have 'visualized' the final step in a set every time I challenge myself there. I visualized reaching 100 straight reps of those bleachers the very first time I tried to scale them. Now I am visualizing 150 straight reps by the end of March! I can SEE that 150th step and it WILL happen.
  • I visualized ME speaking to groups of adults and children about MY journey working to help them find their own journey and it has happened. It has happened and I LOVE IT!
  • In my mind I SEE many things I am working toward accomplishing. I especially do this during a long hard workout. I see myself writing, I see myself speaking to groups, I see myself competing on Survivor and Big Brother! The last two have not happened YET! But, If I do not SEE them in my mind, I know they will not happen.

As I told Bryan yesterday, " It's funny to ME because I had a picture in MY mind of where I wanted to go when I started, but the picture kept getting clearer and better along MY journey. I am blessed and I am amazed at how good I feel today." Visualizing where I wanted to go and building my path toward that vision has made for one GREAT JOURNEY! Today I SEE things that I never thought I would SEE or DO.

Note to ME and YOU: Visualize your success and build a path toward that vision!

Thanks to Bryan for 'making' ME think about this topic and how important it was/is to MY Success!



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Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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