Trick or Treat!

Trick or Treat!

Halloween is the time of year to Trick or Treat. Having fun with kids and adults. Giving away candy and treats, having some spooky fun, and laughing at one another. I enjoy going to my parents house each year with my brothers and their families. It is a tradition we have carried on….. well, all of our lives. We all play some tricks and indulge in some treats; we enjoy our time together. We had another great time last night!

As I thought about Trick or Treat time, I thought about how I had tricked myself for years. I tricked myself into not taking care of me. I did a great deal in two careers and life, but failed to take care of me. I Tricked myself into believing that I could put off taking care of me. I would get to the business of me tomorrow, next month, or next year. I tricked myself into not taking care of the vehicle that was carrying me through life. The vehicle grew bigger, older, and worn-out over the years. I Tricked myself into believing that my weight, health, and wellness would somehow turn out OK while I worked on anything and everything else.

I thank God and my wife for opening my eyes in early 2009. That is when I stopped Tricking ME and started  the Treat of ME. The Tricks ended and I started being Honest with ME, NO TRICKS! I started Treating ME (TheFatGuy) as someone that needed my help, wanted my help, and, most of all, deserved my help. March 2, 2009 was the first day I really started taking care of ME.

So enough with the Tricks on ME. The Treat is gaining the best health and fitness of MY life. The Treat is knowing I control  my Habits and can 'Right the Ship' if I work at it. The Treat is being a better person for God, ME, and everyone in MY life.

Note to ME and YOU: Give yourself the Treat of Taking care of YOU!


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