The word, 'transformation', has been a recurring word/theme in TheFatGuy's life over the past few weeks (and in his personal journey over the past 3 years). He has seen transformation in the Charleston County School District (CCSD) through their commitment to Wellness and there rollout of Vision 2016 to better serve the students of our county. He has seen several individuals working on their own transformation. He has seen TheFatGuy transform into TheBEAST.

TheFatGuy has been blessed to be part of  CCSDs transformation on several levels. First he has been part of community meetings as a facilitator to gather information/feedback on the goals for our district that the school board has targeted for our students through 2016. This information was used to help the CCSD leadership and board with their decision making on strategies and funding this year and years to come. TheFatGuy's main wish is that they use this community input as the tool it was meant to be. That they use it to make solid decisions to best serve the needs of 45,000 students. Transformation is taking place in our district and it is happening before our eyes.

Second, CCSD has made a commitment to its staff, schools, and students to change the way they address wellness in the district. One of the driving forces in this effort was the untimely passing of a beloved CCSD employee,  Mark Cobb. He was someone who gave his ALL to his job and passed at the early age of 51 in May 2010. In honor of Mark, the district has worked hard to develop a Wellness Initiative to help all employees with their health, fitness, and wellness efforts. I was humbled and honored to help recognize the first recipient of the Mark Cobb Transformation Award. As part of this recognition I shared the stage with Mark's wife, Tammy, to recognize a teacher that not only embraced her own journey to health and fitness, she helped many others at her school start their journeys. TheFatGuy was truly overwhelmed to present this award to Lori Essenburg with Tammy Cobb on May 17th.

As far as individuals go there are two, of many, that jump out at TheFatGuy over the past few weeks. One is a man he knows that has recommitted to his journey. TheFatGuy can tell, because he sees daily updates on Facebook showing the man's exercise stints at a local gym. TheFatGuy has talked with this man in the past about his journey and it is neat to quietly see the commitment that is emerging in someone else's journey. Also, TheFatGuy has a friend and fellow blogger that is in constant transformation. She has embraced her journey and her transformation is her journey and vice versa. At least it looks that way from TheFatGuy's point of view!  She seems to be constantly learning from life and passing on little nuggets of wisdom along the way.

Now for TheBEAST! TheFatGuy's transformation to TheBEAST has been a long time coming, or at least it seems like a long time. It is a not just a recommitment to his journey, it is a more focused and energized commitment to his personal health, fitness, and wellness. Now his journey is noted on his left shoulder! TheFatGuy




What do all of these transformations have in common? Commitment, vision, knowledge, energy,  and a can-do attitude!

  • Commitment to the transformation is key. In each case people fully committed to make a change, and in some cases a radical change. If you do not commit, then no other steps matter.
  • Vision toward where you needed to go was also a common thread in these journeys. People developed a vision and started down the road toward that vision
  • Knowledge was gathered along the way to travel the roads toward the vision. Knowledge about self and knowledge about the task at hand were key pieces to each transformation.
  • Energy is seen in each instance. People develop a certain energy to move toward transformation and they harness that energy to get where they need to go.
  • A Can-Do attitude is needed to make the transformation happen. Yes a positive Can-Do attitude can get you a long way down the road to transformation!  As TheFatGuy says, you choose your attitude each day regardless of your life circumstances. You will make good, sometimes great life choices with a positive attitude.

And now, you once again, know that YOU can transform your life at anytime!  I have been blessed to have it happen in my life and blessed to see it happen in many other situations.

Note to ME and YOU: Transformation can get you from where you don't want to be to where you want to go!


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