Things are coming together!

Almost the end of week 4 on Maintenance! Hanging around 202-203 pounds!

Yep, I am 202.6 pounds this morning. Even though I am about 2 pounds heavier than I was on February 27th, I am in better shape. With the increase in calories I have also increased my weight and resistance training. I have added more pull ups, chin ups, and dips to my routine which have made a major difference in my physique and overall muscle tone. I am stronger and more fit than ever! My Body Fat percentage for an athletic male was 16.4 on March 22, 2010 . Not bad for a 53 going on 54 year old Fat Guy!

Polly’s mom is doing much better! We are still going back and forth to the upstate to be with her parents. I admire her mom for the resilience and strength she has shown through her entire ordeal with 2 surgeries and a severe fall. She is definitely a strong woman for 88 years old! Polly has also shown a lot of strength and determination through all she has been this year. She has maintained the 20 pounds off she lost last year, in spite of all of life’s challenges and some health issues of her own. I have plenty of good role models in my life.

The first 4 chapters of the rough draft of “Fat Guy Diary” the book are in my laptop now. I am excited about the possibilities with this project and I am so thankful I ran into Marjory when I did to guide me through this project. The is coming closer to a total revamp thanks to Canaan! I should be rolling that out soon!!!

I have officially entered the deep end of the pool working on the Childhood Obesity Epidemic. I helped the Lean Team (Coleen) with a Tri-County Meeting of Eat Smart, Move More this past Tuesday. I also had an opportunity to share some of my story and concerns about the Epidemic with the group. There were 60-70 people in attendance from various local groups including nonprofit, school districts, media and government agencies. I hope and pray we are all able to work together to bring a strong strategy and message to our community to help bring the child obesity numbers down.

All in all it has been a busy almost 4 weeks on maintenance and I would not have it any other way! Things are coming together!

Note to you: If you have found your journey in life, help someone else find theirs! You will know more gratification out of this act than you realize!

Living, Loving, Losing, Laughing!
The Fat Guy!

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