TheFatGuy’s Mindless Eating!

Remove the obstacle, remove the temptation

TheFatGuy’s Mindless Eating!

My last blog was about Exhaustion, Loving, & Caring! and how it applied to my wonderful week at Camp Kemo this year and many years prior. This post is about the Mindless Eating TheFatGuy experienced around that week.

There is a book called Mindless Eating that I have not read. There are a number of definitions for Mindless Eating which may or may not apply to TheFatGuy. TheFatGuy views Mindless Eating as a total lack of awareness and/or disregard for considering what he is ‘inhaling’ when he eats poorly, sometimes horribly. It is hard to explain to someone that has not experienced it, very hard to put into words.

Let’s take the week of Camp Kemo: June 9 to 16. TheFatGuy, on his quest to become TheBEAST, gave up sugar at the beginning of 2012. Since the week of Camp Kemo is a total ‘eat fest’, he decided to ‘allow’ himself to eat sugar the week of camp. From arrival at Camp Kemo on June 9th until we left on June 16th we had 35 SCHEDULED meal or snack times with desserts/sweet treats at every feeding time. We had leftover food available to us 24/7 and a special room designated for counselor snacks.  We had a lot of really great food and a lot of dangerous treats. Maybe not too dangerous for a person that has some level of self control around food, but definitely dangerous for TheFatGuy!

TheFatGuy has worked really hard on his eating habits and life habits. He has made tremendous strides in these areas. BUT, ‘allowing sugar’ back into the equation with a week surrounded by sweet temptation at every turn is just ……………… well it is just plain nuts. I already knew I would be off log for the week. I already knew that the week of Camp Kemo is a week of ‘all-in’ for the kids when it came to TheFatGuy. All of this added up to a dangerous brew for TheFatGuy. During the week he goes off logging, on sugar, has an ‘all-in’ focus on an important event, is surrounded by food (very tempting sweet food), and is dealing with 8 straight days of not enough sleep. Once I introduced sugar into the equation I could not shut it off. I could not control it. TheFatGuy was in the world of Mindless Eating again. He knew it but he did not try to stop it.

TheFatGuy gained about 7 pounds during the week of Camp Kemo this year. Most of the weight gain can be attributed to the sugar. Once I started sugar each day, I could not stop. Candy, cookies, cupcakes, ice cream, chocolate fountains, and any sort of sweet treat you can imagine. I could not begin to try to tell you how many calories TheFatGuy took in each day with the majority of it being sugar!

The best way to describe TheFatGuy and sugar is this-> He has an on switch and an off switch when it comes to sugar. He has no dimmer control to manage the intake of sugar. He has no idea of ‘let’s do it in moderation’ when it comes to sugar. Lord, he has tried and failed miserably.

So, the introduction of sugar does trigger ‘Mindless Eating’ in TheFatGuy. This 8 day ‘allowance’ of sugar just reinforced the need for TheFatGuy to stay off of processed/refined sugar the rest of 2012. If he truly wants to remain in TheBEAST mode, he needs to keep sugar on the shelf ………………… in someone else’s house! The good news in this story is:

  • It was only for 8 days!
  • TheFatGuy learned from it and TheBEAST is back on track!
  • He has almost lost the 7 camp pounds and needs to work on a few more.
  • THE BEST NEWS IS THEFATGUY CAN MAKE A CHOICE TO REMOVE AN OBSTACLE TO ATTAIN A GOAL! He can choose long-term happiness over short-term gratification (and sugar is very short term).


Note to ME and YOU: In life, be ready to give up some things (that send you Mindlessly in the wrong direction) to make some significant progress in the right direction on your journey! Particularly when your quality of life and life expectancy are at stake!


In the pic -> TheFatGuy chose a side to help pull us to a WIN! Choose your direction and pull like crazy!

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