The Final 1.2 Miles of the Youth Marathon Program

 Youth Marathon Program

TheFatGuy is proud and thankful for any of his accomplishments in life. One accomplishment he is most proud of is leading the Youth Marathon Program since October of 2009. He has seen participation grow from 75 students and one school participating in a significant way to over 500 students this year with 2 schools having 93 and 123 participants each.

The Youth Marathon Program is a race, but not a 'foot' race! It is a race to help kids establish healthy lifestyle habits at an early age. TheFatGuy wants this to be the first steps in the very long marathon that will be needed to turn the tide on our present obesity epidemic. We have students of ALL fitness levels participating in this program. We have seasoned young runners, walkers, joggers, and some in wheelchairs.

We have such a neat support network of people guiding these kids: parents, teachers, day porters, principals, siblings, nurses, and the list goes on! All of these people are champions in my eyes and are champions to the kids they guide!

So as we reach the Final 1.2 miles of this year's program, let's keep the 'eyes on the ball' and realize this is a step in setting healthy habits for the rest of this year and a lifetime!

TheFatGuy thanks ALL of the caring adults that brought this program to one child or a school full of children!!! You are doing something very great. You are changing the life of a child and changing the path of a nation.

Note to ME and YOU: Change the obesity epidemic one step at a time, one child at a time, one habit at a time. JUST DO IT, PLEASE!!

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