First things first! Eating like a Clydesdale for 4-5 days, and stopping , is a lesson learned. Eating like a Clydesdale much longer than that is a slide I prefer not to experience. During this past week I bounced up as high as 215 pounds! I am at 209.8 today and stabilizing. I love the UPS but I learn so much from the slips or DOWNS, as long as I don’t stay down! What have I learned this time is:

• I am definitely a stress eater!
• I cannot ‘go off script’ very far and expect to remain fit and healthy. What this means is I must continue to log what I eat and do daily to stay on track. I wish I was able to stay fit without doing this, but I need that discipline.
• I have to focus on HAW (Honesty, Attitude, Water) every morning and always bring myself back to that point. I know I did not drink enough water during my time in Pickens and that aided my slide.
• Sugar! WOW sugar is one of my drugs of choice!! I allowed myself to eat candy and ice cream while I was in Pickens and I paid for it. Keeping that stuff in the house within constant reach is a temptation I do not need. I need to put myself in a better situation to deal with sugar. I can do it as a treat when Polly and I go out but I cannot keep it in the house with me. Somehow, I thought I could manage this in Pickens for an extended period, but could not. Polly and I both ate too much ice cream, but I was the champ at downing the biggest quantity!!
• Good News was I maintained a solid workout routine while we were in Pickens and continued to challenge myself> 2 sets of 500 body weight squats one day!
• Polly and I can now talk about this stuff! We could not talk about my weight before or my habits because I could not deal with it!

OH, my website is redesigned!! I love what Canaan has helped me do with the site. Check it out if you have a minute, I think you will like the change and flexibility.

We continue to move along with the first draft of the book Fat Guy Diary. I have gone through the entire draft and now Polly is pouring over it. I met with Marjory yesterday to look at next steps and to make sure we are headed in the right direction. As I told her, email and phone conversations are great step savers, but ‘face to face’ gives you a level of comfort and confidence the electronic and internet age cannot touch! Onward with the book!

Other news> The Stingrays are in game 5 of their playoff series with Cincinnati tonight. It has been a great series to this point! I walked the Bridge and went to Dragon Boat practice yesterday. One more thing I would not have dreamed of doing a year ago without a day or two break in between!

Note To You: Enjoy your UPS and learn from your slips or DOWNS! Every challenge brings an opportunity, you just need to be looking for it!

Living, Loving, Losing, Laughing!
The Fat Guy!!

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