That Magic Button

"There's my magic button!" Is what I hear when I see people looking for that perfect exercise program, the transformative piece of equipment, or quick & easy diet. Now is a good time to talk about this with ME and YOU.

We are at January 24th in the not so New Year and a whole mess of people have made resolutions to lose weight, get fit, exercise more, or transform their body. And many of these people have invested billions of dollars on that one thing that will change their life forever. We see the commercials ALL the time. Some are 30 second quick hits that catch our eye the third or fourth time we see it and some dedicate half hour infomercials to promoting their 'life changing' product. They must work because they have these people that say how 'easy' it is and how quickly we will become the 'New You'.

You cannot see it, but at this point in the blog I have a huge smile on my face as I do any time I stumble on one of these TV ads. To begin with, the ads that have someone talking about losing 18 pounds just make me laugh out loud. 18 pounds! Really! While I am happy for the individual that needs to lose 18 pounds and does it, that just does not resonate with TheFatGuy. Then we have the spots that promise results from using a specific ab machine 5 minutes a day and presto chango you are a hunk! And I love the commercials that say, "You don't have to change ANYTHING you are doing now, just take this pill or drink this shake once a day and the pounds will 'fall off'. I could go on forever with the endless bombardment of companies selling us that 'magic button'. It is SOOOOOOOOO easy, just push this button and you will be all better. Actually, better than better, you will be the next male or female model of the year. WOW!

OK, now we are asking TheFatGuy to come back to earth. Earth to TheFatGuy, "get down here, now."

I'm back! How many of us have invested in something like this in the New Year or at any time? How many of us are still using the 'magic button' we purchased to transform us in the New Year? How many of us have gone to a yard sale or thrift store and seen all of these magic buttons on display in all-most new condition? You know, the piece of equipment with the clothes hanging off of it or the DVD set that holds all of those life changing routines on it.

Now think about this. The fitness and exercise industry makes a ton of money on US. Why? Not because all of these things are so successful, but because we all want to find that magic button that will fix what ails us. Many of us are willing to push button after button to find and make that change. We will spend as much money as it takes to purchase the change we need. Do you ever hear ANY of these ads touting the high percentage of people that have changed their lives because of their product?  Sure, there are a handful of people that have made a change, but how many people that buy it make the change? 80%, 50%, 10%, or maybe less than 1%? I am thinking less than 1% applies to many items or programs.

Now, do me a favor, find the nearest mirror. Come on you can do it. Look in that mirror really hard, …………….  I mean really hard! I promise you the 'magic button' is in that mirror. No really, it is there.  Before you look outside of you, look inside of you. What do you want to do? What do you want to be? What are you willing to do to make a change you need to make? Push that button inside of you that makes the change YOU want and need.

On the first day of my journey I made a commitment to 'take care of me' so I could be in a good place to help others in my life, especially the people I love.  I pushed my 'magic button' on March 2, 2009. If you are waiting to push yours, DON'T WAIT! Commit to taking care of YOU then find the tools that will make the change that you want happen.

Note to ME and YOU: The first place you need to look for your magic button is the nearest mirror!





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