Thanks! (for ALL of the little things)

I Thank any and everyone that has helped ME in any way along MY journey. At the beginning of this year one of my resolutions was:

Do something nice and thoughtful for one person each day – I need to do this for ME. It helps ME to remember ALL of the people that have helped ME over the years. It also helps ME to feed a positive attitude each day.

Because of this I have really paid attention to how others treat ME. I have not done this to measure my own resolution, but to see how it makes ME feel. Any type of encouragement where someone does something nice and thoughtful for ME goes a long way. And, I am not talking big stuff like paying for dinner or paying off my house!

I am talking about ALL of those little things each day that add value to whatever I am doing. Several people have retweeted my blog posts recently. Others have left me encouraging Facebook or twitter messages. Also, a kind smile will do wonders for MY day. Just saying 'Thank You' or holding a door open for ME makes a huge impression. All of these things make ME hopeful for our world.

In a world where so many people throw darts to burst people's balloons, it is nice to know there are so many of you that would take just a moment to 'make MY day' or someone else's day. In fact, when I am sitting at Starbucks, I always take a minute to try to catch people doing nice things for someone else. TheFatGuy always gets a smile from spotting those moments.

You never know when that one nice, encouraging, or helpful gesture might be the difference in MY day or someone else's day. Who knows? It might dramatically change a life for the better.

So, I thank Dan for the kind response, Leslie for the great smile & conversation, Colleen for the retweets, my wife for saving my life, and all of you that have made any day a little sweeter. My Journey is the better for it. I should know as it helped ME lose 150 pounds and continue to work on ME!

Note to ME and YOU: It takes less energy to share a smile than to throw a dart at someone's balloon!


PS AND THANKS for our rescue dogs that ALWAYS make my day!

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