Tested! And the journey continues….

TheFatGuy is proud of the fact that he has just celebrated the 5th Anniversary of the start of his journey. On March 2, 2009 he woke up, saw his wonderful wife off to work, and arrived at his AHA Moment. He started his journey and the spreadsheet he lived by that morning. He proceeded to name his spreadsheet Fat Guy Diary, so naming his website happened in about 5 seconds when he saved his excel document as FatGuyDiary! Hell of a branding story, isn’t it. A 5 second brainstorming session.

FAT GUY PIC FEB 2009His journey has been nothing short of amazing to him. He did things he never could do, would do, or think about doing. Things like:

  • Losing 150 pounds in a year (363 days to be exact, which is a story in itself!)
  • Giving up processed sugar for a year! (as well as the other bad white foods> bread, rice, potatoes)
  • Becoming Chair of Eat Smart Move More Charleston Tri-County (Never would have believed this one on 2009!)
  • Volunteer Director of a Youth Marathon Program ( a passion and unbelievable high seeing all those kids moving more)
  •  Radio and, TV appearances, website, free book, Total Gym Infomercial and the list goes on………………………………

The above are all great parts of TheFatGuy’s journey, but they are not the entire picture of his journey. You see a journey is never a straight line. He did not lose the weight in a straight line. He did not travel has journey in a straight line. Graphed out his journey would have many highs and lows with some level spots in between. Yes, TheFatGuy has been TESTED along his journey. He has been TESTED many times.

His most recent test came at Christmas when he ‘allowed’ himself to climb to 251 pounds! This is the highest weight he has seen since losing 150 in 2010. HE crossed a line that, quite frankly, scared him. This was a line he never thought he would cross again, heading in a very dangerous direction. Although he was working out regularly, getting stronger, and building muscle;  he was eating quite poorly.

He wants you to know he is tested and it is not always a ‘perfect’ journey. It is not always (if ever) a straight line to success. He feels the secret to a good journey is STAYING ON THE JOURNEY when you are TESTED. When TheFatGuy is seriously TESTED like this, what does he do?

The first thing he does is REBOOT! He looks at his journey like he does his computer. Let’s just stop, things aren’t going the way he wants, let’s REBOOT the journey. Let’s take a look at the factory settings that started the journey. What made this such an exciting and successful journey to begin with?

Some of the things he did took him back to simple (KISS- Keep it Simple Stupid) basic habits he had worked so hard to build into his life. So what did he think about between Christmas and New Year to reboot and start taking the pounds off and continue building the body and health he wants? Here are some of the basics:

  • He refocused on HAW daily. Waking up to honesty, attitude and water each day. Being totally honest with himself about his success and failure the previous day, choosing a positive attitude each day, and focusing on drinking water first thing each day to get in a minimum of ½ ounce of water per pound of body weight each day.
  • He worked to better schedule 5 small meals/snacks a day.
  • He mentally logged his intake, which is something he has been working at for a while. Physically logging is the best back stop when the mind starts letting you down in this area J (this has nothing to do with age, and more to do with a hectic life style)
  • He revisited TheFatGuy Rules and smiled as he read.
  • AND, he limited his process sugar intake (the white stuff . He has given it up for lent!)

PushupsAs he writes this post, TheFatGuy is 229 pounds and rocking his Push Up & Up training (more to come on that). Once again he has been TESTED, REBOOTED, and continues to travel his journey. It is a journey of highs and lows, twists and turns, and a few bumps. BUT, it is a journey he has maintained over 5 years. He has learned as much from the down times as the up and has continued to improve his quality of life.

Don’t let anyone (including yourself) hijack or sabotage your journey because it isn’t that perfect straight line or because you are TESTED. Own your ups and downs. Learn and grow from your ups and downs. AND, know the TESTS will come and REBOOT!

Note to ME and YOU: Own your journey, live your journey, and REBOOT when needed!





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