YES, I am a Survivor junky! I have watched the CBS show for years. I even did an online video to apply for Survivor last year and sent in another this year. Doing these videos made me realize I am a Survivor and know many Survivors.

I have Survived a number of self-inflicted personal issues. These issues include, Alcoholism, Cigarette addiction, being a workaholic, and a lifelong battle with obesity. How have I Survived these issues? I have Survived through prayer, family support, love, and watching other Survivors. These Survivors are the children and teens of Camp Kemo and Lasting Impressions that I have volunteered with for many years. I have seen many children and teens Survive cancer and live productive fruitful lives. I have learned so much from them!

Some of the things that I have seen that helped my younger friends become Survivors are they typically:

  • have great attitudes and positive energy
  • share their stories freely
  • Love Life period
  • inspire others
  • Give more than they get

Knowing these wonderful teens and children helps me put life in perspective. They have been great models to me which has helped me Survive my own life issues. Any hardships I have overcome are dwarfed by their battles with cancer. Now I am not only Surviving, but thriving.

I am in the best place and best shape of my life now. I thank them all for modeling for ME for years and showing ME how to be a true Survivor! They are my Superheroes!

Note to ME and YOU: Learn from the Survivors in your life!


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