I find my relationships with others improve as I continue to work on MY relationship with ME. This happens as I continue to evaluate ME and what I do well and not so well. As I blogged about on June 6th, 'Instead of looking for the right person, BE THE RIGHT PERSON!'

Camp Kemo brought relationships to the forefront for me week before last. You all know by now that I love Camp Kemo. The reason I love Camp Kemo is the relationships. The relationships form the fabric of what Camp Kemo is all about. The bond between counselors, staff, and kids is something to behold. I have done other youth programs, volunteered at another camp for kids with cancer, and based much of what I have done in life on the relationships I have built. Nothing compares to what I experience at Camp Kemo.

At Camp Kemo there is no problem finding counselors to volunteer for a week at camp. There is a waiting list and a Counselor in Training (CIT) program in place. As counselors we do not easily allow someone into our group and we treasure what we have with one another. Don't get me wrong, like all families we have our 'moments' but we get past them and love each other for what each of us 'brings to the table'.

My renewed investment in ME has helped ME to better invest in MY relationship with others. I treasure MY time with my wife, family, and friends. My investment in ME has improved MY ability to develop good relationships with others. Finding MY way 'Out of the Fire' has put ME in a much better place to help others 'Out of the Fire' and in turn to allow them to help me when needed. And, trust ME, I do need help and direction to continue MY journey.

My relationship with ME and others is 'the fabric' of what I am all about. That fabric was weak, torn, and worn in early 2009. Not because of others, but because of ME. That fabric is now strengthened by MY ability to invest in ME and to invest in the relationships I have always treasured in MY life. The more I am able to invest, the more I gain from the relationship. I learned this from Camp Kemo and now in life.

Note to ME and YOU: Invest in relationships with YOU and others! The return in investment may surprise YOU!


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