I am working to recover from Camp Kemo and 2 weeks of fighting allergies with laryngitis. I went into Camp Kemo having my weight average around 225 pre-Camp. During Camp I weighed in as high as 235! I am hanging around 230 now. Recovering from a weight gain is as important to me as the 150 pounds I lost in 2009-2010.

How do I recover and what does it look like?

  • The first thing for ME is to continue to log. Logging helps me to keep track of my good and bad days/habits. It helps me to stay Honest with ME.
  • Second, I work to choose a positive long-term attitude by choosing a positive Attitude each morning. It is easy to get into a 'sort of' funk when I gain weight. One thing leads to another and 225 turns into 235 which turns into………………….. 300 plus!
  • Third, I carefully access my water intake. Although I planned for a weight gain at Camp Kemo, I did not plan for reduced water intake during that week and the weeks that followed.

So, reinforcing my dedication to HAW each day is a big step toward regaining and reinforcing  MY positive lifestyle habits. My Lifestyle and Journey are headed in the right direction, but I know how fragile it can be. I know how easily I can fall back into bad habits, obesity, and poor health.

I will enjoy today with family! Tomorrow morning Polly and I will sit down and set some short term goals. One goal I will set is a weight loss goal between now and August 10th which is Polly and my 26th anniversary. I know that my current weight will not be where I need to be for continued good health and maintenance. My 'focused' recovery starts first thing in the morning!

Note to ME and YOU: Always Recover, Restore Yourself to a former or better condition! Expect Success!


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