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2 thoughts on “pic By David Quick with 54″ pants

  1. When I first saw your card my thoughts were you were “selling” something … supplements, meal plans, programs, etc. As a salesperson it is normal for me to think most people are ‘selling’ something.

    You are the first person I ever met who lost weight with no specified plan, just desire to have a better life. I have the desire, but fail in the discipline.

    This moment begins Day 1. I already messed up on the way to the kitchen where I was going to make a salad then ate the rest of the fried rice from Sunday’s mother’s day at Yokoso. About 2 cups, no meat left in it – guessing 250 calories, but will go to and add it on and up.

    On to commitment 1 – logging food on Livestrong and beginning a diary. I weighted 275 yesterday at the doctor’s but will weight tomorrow morning. My high was 298 and I was terrified to go over 300. At least I have kept these 20 pounds at bay, most of the time.

    Be blessed, Toby

  2. Toby, Be sure to take care of you. I am committed to the sugar deal! One sorbet today and no suagr till at least June 11th!