I was at Camp Kinard last weekend helping paint all of the bunk beds in the 6 cabins there. Camp Kinard is where Camp Kemo is held for a week each summer. The counselors from Camp Kemo have been volunteering for several years to help transform Cap Kinard with various projects. This happened for two reasons.

One reason is the counselors from Camp Kemo are a very special group and are a big reason this will be my 25th year at Camp in June.  These people are individuals that give freely of themselves and ask for nothing in return. I am proud to call ALL of them friends!

The second reason is Larry Hamrick, the Director of Camp Kinard. Larry has been at Kinard for 5 years and has done an overhaul of the grounds and facilities. He has systematically worked to gain more volunteers and more funding to make HIS camp a special place. Things have not always gone his way, but you will never see that effect his positive attitude or thwart his determination to keep move forward and improving. He is quite simply, a great guy!

In seeing Larry again this past week, I thought about his overhaul and how I mirrored my personal overhaul to what he has done. His effort is a great example for me. His attitude is what I work to attain each day by starting my day with a HAW  check (Honesty, Attitude, Water). I focus on choosing a positive attitude each day so I can make good life and journey choices. As Larry, things do not always go perfectly for me, but I always keep moving forward. I always look to learn and grow on my journey of health and fitness.

My attitude and determination come from associating with people like Larry Hamrick. His attitude and determination help me to understand how important these two intangibles are to my journey. I would not have been successful losing 150 pounds and getting my life on track if it were not for shining examples like Larry Hamrick and so many others in my life! I THANK YOU ALL!

Note to ME and YOU: Associate and Learn from people that will show you the way…………….. if you pay attention to their good life habits!


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