Well, the last few weeks have been 'not so normal eating'! It has included the celebration of Polly's and my 25th Wedding Anniversary, as well as, a family reunion in Pickens with Polly's mom's family. Life has also been a little hectic and unpredictable (isn't it always!).

Once again my eating has been so-so and my activity level/workouts have saved me. On our anniversary, Polly and I went to our favorite restaurant, Peninsula Grill. It was a great evening for Polly and I to celebrate, reflect, and take a break from our hectic schedule this summer. We both loved it. The evening was capped by a piece of Peninsula's wonderful coconut cake. Polly normally gets a piece all for herself and eats half in the evening and half the next morning with coffee for breakfast! On this occasion we decided to split the signature desert. Even splitting it our calorie intake was pretty hefty. Last year when we were at dinner there Polly asked our server, Jonathan, about the calories in a piece of the coconut cake. He came back to the table to announce that there are 32,000 calories in one cake and 2,667 calories in one slice of the cake!! My BMR is around 1,980 calories per day………… you do the math!

We also are still going back and forth to Pickens to help out Polly's parents (Effie and Garvin). We have been able to help out as their health issues continue. I am again glad we are in a situation to be able to help them stay in their house and have some quality of life. We attended the Anderson Family Reunion (Polly's mom's family) last weekend with Effie and Garvin. You know what people do at family reunions, don't you…………………………. they eat! Well we ate everyone's specialties. I tried to stay with smart protein and vegetables until the dessert table came into site!!

Anyway, my weight has been between 218 and the low 220s for the most part the past few weeks. I am working to bring it back down a little and still struggle to some degree with sugar (i.e. desserts, candy, etc.). The good part is I am always coming back to Keeping It Simple (KISS)and I maintain my daily habit of reflecting on HAW (Honesty, Attitude, Water). By doing this it helps to bring some 'normalcy' to the 'not so  normal' times.  I keep a business card with a picture of me at 342 on the dash of my car to remind me of the road I will not take again!

NOTE to Me and You: Keep some established mental routines  (HAW, KISS) so the 'not so normal' times don't totally derail you!

Loving Life!

The Fat Guy

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