My volunteer focus and a request to PAY IT FORWARD!

One thing that helps keep me on track with my health, weight, and life is my volunteer work. I almost hate to call it work as it is a passion! Most of my volunteer efforts revolve around the obesity epidemic, especially childhood obesity.

I started my volunteer work in this arena with The Lean Team ( in late August of 2009. They work between MUSC and the Charleston County School District. The goal of The Lean Team is the prevention and treatment of childhood obesity through individual, family, and community change. I recognized my 100th pound lost on my journey by donating $100 and 100 volunteer hours to this organization. I have met many wonderful people and learned a lot about our battle against obesity since August 2009. I did an Amazing People video with them, worked on an organizational assessment with them, met with students, and walked the Ravenel Bridge on Saturday mornings.

My work with The Lean Team led me to Eat Smart Move More South Carolina ( The SC Eat Smart Move More Coalition coordinates obesity prevention efforts across the state and leads the implementation of South Carolina's Obesity Prevention Plan. I attended their Obesity Summit last spring and I am now a member of this group serving on the Communications and Marketing Committee with a focus on the website. The name says it all to me Eat Smart and Move More. Simple yet so hard!

The work with the state organization led me to the Executive Committee of ESMM Charleston Tri-County. The local chapter serves Berkeley, Charleston, and Dorchester Counties. We are working to coordinate efforts to combat obesity in our area of the state. With a little luck and hard work we should have our local chapter website up and running off of the state website by the end October! I hope this works out as I am on the state and local committee coordinating this effort! Maybe a little pressure there.

Lastly, my volunteer effort leads me to tomorrow! A dear friend of mine, Craig King, is celebrating his birthday tomorrow.  Craig states:

I'm planning on celebrating my birthday Paying it Forward by serving those around me who need help. On September 25th, I will be celebrating my 29th Birthday and I solicit your support! WHATEVER SERVICE YOU DECIDE IS UP TO YOU.

Please consider this request. Craig is a cancer survivor, counselor at Camp Kemo, teacher, and great guy! Do something big, do something small. I will be walking the Ravenel Bridge with The Lean Team at 8 AM encouraging people I know and do not know on their fitness journeys. I will work Craig's gift to others into all that I do tomorrow. I know I will have a great day with the knowledge of Craig's birthday wish.

Note to ME and YOU: Give the gift of service to someone and, as Craig says, PAY IT FORWARD!



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One thought on “My volunteer focus and a request to PAY IT FORWARD!

  1. Mike,

    Your story has touched so many lives in so many ways. Continue to be a blessing to those around you and thanks again for Paying it Forward with us!