I missed an opportunity to thank someone really important……… MY PARENTS! We celebrated my parents 55th Wedding Anniversary Friday night at Blossom Restaurant. My brothers and their families came, as well as, five close friends and relatives. We all had a great time. As the oldest son, I had thought through doing a toast and what I would say. Well things went so well I forgot to toast them. My youngest brother, Paul, asked me about doing a toast as things were winding down, but people were starting to leave and one of my brothers was away from our room in the restaurant. My parents loved the evening and had no idea anything was missing, but I told them about it the next morning.

What I would have toasted/thanked them for was:
1. Giving my four brothers and me a great foundation to become successful in life! They taught us about love, discipline, caring, praying, and many more valuable life lessons.
2. Always being there for all of us through the highs and lows that life brings our way!
3. Being kind and helpful to others and showing us the importance of that through their actions.
4. Being supportive of me during my tumultuous years in my twenties……. which had to be tough!
5. For my mom never seeing me as a Fat Guy!

As you can see my parents are very special people! My brothers and I are LUCKY!

Note to you and lesson to me: NEVER miss a chance to thank someone for making a positive difference in your life or the life of others. Particularly, don’t miss a chance to thank people as significant as my parents are to me!

Living, Loving, Losing, Laughing!
A Thankful Fat Guy!!

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