Mid-Summer Check up!

Well it has been a long and interesting summer so far. I have been in Pickens for much of the summer helping my mother and father in law. Then Polly and I went on the road from Pickens to Louisville to Topeka and back the last 8 days moving our niece, Elizabeth. It is time for me to do an assessment of ME! There are some things I have done well and some not so well. I would grade myself as follows: • HAW (Honesty, Attitude, Water)- Grade C> I think I have kept HAW in mind but I have not focused on it as much as I need to. I have not made eating choices based on a good thought process built on HAW. My water intake has been sporadic over the past 8 days with the driving/traveling. • Workouts- A- > I think I have done a good job with weight training to tone and build muscle. This will help me to burn more calories in a day. • Eating/Nutrition- C- > I had planned to take in more calories to build/tone muscle over the late spring and summer. The problem is I have allowed myself to take in way to much sugar in ice cream products, cookies and candy. • Logging- B- > I have continued to log and track my progress. I allowed myself to go off script in June during Camp Kemo. The problem is I have gone off script again with the traveling and have probably not logged as accurately as I could each day. • Weight- C- > I weighed in at 224 pounds this morning. I planned to have my weight go up some while working on muscle growth and tone. I did not plan to add as much fat as I think I have put on. My 34" shorts are a little tight now and I have developed some love handles. Don't love the love handles!! Overall I say my mid-summer score is a C. Not good, but not the end of the world. The good news is I am doing this check up, I am aware of what I have done, and I can make a course correction. I need to find that maintenance weight range that will work for me now. Action Plan: • I will omit sugar from my diet for at least the next 7 days and then reevaluate how I handle it. • I will work out every day over the next 7 days to include some good cardio. • I will make sure to log every item/calorie each day. • I will recheck my Body Fat numbers next week with Coleen if we can get together. I do want to celebrate my overall fitness level. The past 8 days of moving my niece form Louisville to Topeka was a true fitness test for me. Both Polly and I are very glad I am in the shape I am in now as I would not have been able to handle the moving and driving we did in the intense heat we endured during the move (97 degrees loading the truck in Louisville and a heat index of 111 degrees unloading the truck in Topeka). If we had done this 16 months ago, with me at 351 pounds, Polly would have been worried sick about my ability to survive the trip, and I might not have survived it! I will make sure to update you in 7 days on my weight and fitness progress. Loving Life, Family, and Friends, The Fat Guy

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