I was doing some ‘self-research’ this morning and ran across this post from 2011. I was 2 years into my journey of weight loss, health, and fitness at the time. I needed this post then and needed it again today!

Living, Loving, Losing, Laughing! is not just the tagline on my website, it is something I have thought about and strived to live by these past two years. I continue to explore me and how these words apply to my life. On Thursday at 1:05 PM  these words all came crashing together at one instant!

My wife, Polly, called to let me know that her father, Garvin, had just died. The feelings I experienced at that moment were more overwhelming than I had expected. It has been a long year in anticipation of Garvin’s passing. We were told in early June of 2010 that Garvin had less than 3 months to live. The news was tough. Polly and I wanted to make his time with us as comfortable and happy as possible. We also wanted to help her mom, Effie, with her desire to see Garvin pass at home in Pickens. Armed with the knowledge that Garvin only had 3 months with us we were all pretty worn out by month 10. It took a  mental and physical toll on everyone involved in the situation, especially Polly’s mom.

Garvin Christmas 2010As I experienced all the emotions that go with losing a loved one, I immediately thought about my tagline and how it applied to my relationship with Garvin. Since 1982 Garvin has LIVED life with the thought of staying sober and helping others find sobriety. He has used his story to help others learn to LIVE life without alcohol. Garvin and Effie welcomed me into their lives in 1984 and almost immediately we developed a caring LOVING relationship that I have been blessed to experience these past 27 years. The LOSING part is the tough part. LOSING Garvin and all of his Garvinisms (the old sayings only he could generate) is a difficult task. I can only cope with this loss knowing that his suffering on earth has ended and he is in a much better place with God. I hope and pray I will see him there one day. LAUGHING is the easy part for me. Garvin could ALWAYS make me laugh. Whether it was the first time I heard a story or the 1,000th time I heard a story, I always laughed at the way he would tell it. I might know the punch-line, but I could never replicate the delivery.

I have learned much more about life from Garvin than I can include in this one blog. He has dealt with more demons in life than most of us and still was able to carry a smile and a kind word with him wherever he went. His life helps me on my journey and helps me to keep things in perspective in my life as I deal with
the ups and downs of weight management and life management.

My favorite Garvinism is ‘shake hands with the men and hug the women!’ I cannot do it justice in this blog, but I can see him smiling as I write it!

Note to ME and YOU: Part of taking care of ME is letting the people in my life know I love and care about them. NEVER HESITATE TO DO THIS!


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