Living, Loving, Losing, Laughing! one wants to be the train wreck

My next four posts will be about the four words I try to focus on and travel by now. The words> Living, Loving, Losing, Laughing!They are more than words or just a tagline for my website. They are a measuring stick for me. They help me see where I have been, how far I have traveled, and where I am now.

The first word I will dissect is Living! By definition Living is:1. Possessing life; 2. Of persons who are alive; 3. Full of life, interest, or vitality. In February 2009 at 360 pounds, I did not feel I possessed life, felt alive, or was full of life. I felt old, tired, unhealthy, and empty. I had no energy for life! I had no energy to deal with the challenges and opportunities life presented me. I had become the person I had never wanted to be. I could not help myself and therefore had become very poor at helping others in my life. Life had become burdensome for me and helping others was the furthest thing from my mind. My struggles with obesity and being a workaholic had become a slow motion train wreck. My health, fitness, and life had gone off track many years ago. I was watching my own train wreck one medication at a time, one pound at a time, one health issue at a time. As Polly (my loving wife) was thinking in February 2009, “Just how big are you going to get”! Or as I might say now, “When is this train wreck going to end”! Yep, she was living and watching the train wreck every day. Everyone loves to see a good ‘train wreck’ on TV for entertainment, no one wants to be the train wreck.

I have rediscovered Life and Living since starting my journey in March 2009. It has been truly amazing to me. I embrace every moment and live every moment. I possess life, feel alive, and feel full of life. I am a better tool for God in this life.  I am better at helping my wife, family, and others. My eyes are wide open, my vision is clear, and my  life is a journey well worth taking. The man that had a life expectancy of 64 years of age in 2009 now has a life expectancy of 96 plus years of life!

I wish I could bottle how I felt at 360 pounds and how I feel now. I wish there was some way to show you just how good it can be, how good life can be. You see, I had no idea just how good Living could be till I traveled this journey to a fitter healthier me. The train wreck has now cleared the tracks, the train is traveling on newer truer tracks, and it is moving along at a good clip. The train is getting better with age………… who knew!

Note to ME and YOU: Are you Living the way you want to live?


TheFatGuy is Pulling for YOU!

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