Yep, that's what I said, "KISS IT!" When things start going in the wrong direction for me that is what I think. KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID! When I start making things complicated or see a tough situation I apply KISS to IT.

My dad and I had many conversations about supervision and management when I was in my twenties. He has always been a great help to me in business and in life. My favorite conversation centered around a professor I had in some International Management Council courses and various management theories we were learning. We discussed many thoughts and theories that night. As I got ready to leave, I can still hear my dad saying, "No matter what you learn remember KISS!" I had not heard this term used before and asked what he meant. He smiled and said "Keep It Simple Stupid!" We talked for a few minutes about how many people have a tendency to complicate issues when more often than not the answer lies with the simplest approach, solution, or starting point. In today's world, KISS is not used enough in our daily lives or life in general.

When starting my Fat Guy Diary I applied much of what I learned in business helping others to help ME. I treated ME as a person I was trying to coach and improve his lifestyle skills. I worked to find out what ME  (TheFatGuy) needed to be successful on his journey and in life. KISS quickly came to the top of my list to help TheFatGuy. I started with a log to track the simplest thing for ME, calories. I went on to find the simplest ideas to keep ME on track and successful.

In building a simple base it made it easy for me to take out foods that did not work or routines that did not help me toward improving TheFatGuy. If I added something in that wasn't working I just took it right back out.

As I sit here today, continuing to work on ME, I realize how important the words KISS and EASY are to ME and many people I know. I always knew my journey would not be EASY but I could make it SIMPLE. So when life gets complicated and overwhelming I always remember KISS! I figure if I don't Keep It SImple then I am being Stupid!

Note to ME and YOU: Life can be hard, so remember to KISS IT!


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