Kids say the darnedest things!

Had a great week this week! I got to talk with a number of local schools that have their students doing the Youth Marathon program. I am the Volunteer Director of this program as part of the Charleston Marathon. Being involved in this effort helps to keep ME on track, allows ME to help kids, and allows ME to promote healthy lifestyle habits with our youth.

Recently I've gotten to visit kids at Dunston, Whiteside, Haut Gap, and Howe Hall. Kids are also doing the program at Pinehurst and other schools. I thank a lot of caring adults for promoting this program at their schools and with their kids. I thank Tanika, Jeff, Emily, Chris, and Matt in particular for leading this effort at their schools! I love you guys because you are so dedicated to our youth!

Now to the fun part. I love what kids say. They ask me great questions and say the darnedest things. Like:

  • How did you get SO FAT? > Bad habits and bad choices as an adult!
  • What exercise routine did you do when you started in March 2009? > at 360 lbs. I just started moving more! I walked the dogs, took the steps, did simple exercises with dumbbells at the house, and simple stuff.
  • IS that really you? You wore those pants!? > Yep the pictures I show kids and the size 54" pants I wore in early 2009 are really me and really mine. And, they came with a lot of health issues!
  • You are HOW OLD? (after telling kids I am 55) Yes, I am 55 years old and I am in the best shape of my life. I have never felt better.
  • Your beard got darker when you lost all the weight? Yes! …..Weill, no! ….. Well yes and no! J It got darker but not because of the weight loss. It is because of using "Just For Men".
  • Mr. Mike you FAT! (In 2007 as ED of the Boys & Girls Clubs)> no explanation needed, I was FAT!

Yep, kids do not know what PC is and are not going to hold back many, if any, punches. Refreshing, isn't it! If you want to hear the truth, ask a child!

Note to ME and YOU: If you want honesty and energy in your life, invest a little time with a child.


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One thought on “Kids say the darnedest things!

  1. well…..i want to say that i’m glad you realized you were fat and got it together so we can spend a lot more healthy years together.

    you inspire me!