JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!!

Well………….. I don’t know about you, but I know I am tired of talking about my “PLATEAU”. I know you feel the same way if you are tracking this site. I feel different today. I cannot explain it, I feel more energy and strength today (no, not steroids, that’s Manny’s gig in LA). I feel like I will be breaking that plateau this weekend. I weighed 307 lbs. this morning. This is the 9th day in the 307 range give or take a pound or less.
We will see how it goes, but I feel positive, confident and happy! I am changing a few things about my routine. I will let you know more details Monday.
If you are reading this I would ask you to ENJOY YOUR LIFE! Also, listen to Trace Adkins, U2, Darius Rucker and Def Leppard during your workouts. I do! They help me to enjoy my aerobic workouts.
Loving Life,
Fat Guy

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