Journey fueled by mini-challenges!

Journey fueled by mini-challenges!

TheFatGuy has learned a lot about himself over the course of his 5 year journey to health, wellness, and fitness. He knew from the very beginning that what needed to happen, what had to happen, needed to be a ‘journey’ and not a Point A to Point B diet or exercise program. He knew the word journey would be key to his success to eliminate 53 years of building bad lifestyle habits. He had all of the bad habits that lead to 360 pounds of unhealthy, uncomfortable, and unbearable weight. He was a mess.

As he developed his road map for his journey, he realized how important short term goals or mini-challenges would be to his success. They would help him travel his journey. He would use his strength of being able to reach goals (going from Point A to Point B with the best of them) to travel his journey and navigate those bumps and roadblocks every journey encounters. He had a hard time with this at first because he did not want his short term goal setting to hijack his journey. You know, lose X amount of pounds in X amount of weeks or months……………… and then what……… gain X and some back! The after Point B always crushed TheFatGuy. That is why whenever he lost some weight he would put it back on with a vengeance and then some! Yep, he traveled this insane route until he reached 360 pounds.

Well, he has now worked to harness the insanity and make the Point A to Point B thinking work in his favor. He sets up mini-challenges for himself on a regular basis and makes them work in his favor. He didn’t become TheBEAST by taking it easy on himself!

He has used many tools to get to the point of being TheBEAST:

  • He took his Total Gym workouts from entry level to advanced when he graduated to Todd Durkin’s advanced programs on his Total Gym.
  • He challenged the bleachers/stands at a local High school stadium to do 100 then 150 straight reps of going up 17 bleachers and down 34 steps.
  • He has done up to 500 body weight dips in one session, just to challenge himself!
  • He worked up to walking the Ravenel Bridge with the Lean Team and his brother, Walter. Then He walked the Cooper River Bridge Run (CRBR) 2 years ago. And he just finished running the CRBR on April 5th. His first 10k ever at a 12:45/mile pace. Not bad for a recovering fat guy of almost 58 years of age. J
  • He is currently training for his second year of doing a push up challenge. 5 pushups every 20 seconds for 30 minutes.
  • He gives up sugar from time to time just to keep himself in check.
  • He challenges himself to drink at least ½ ounce of water per pound of body weight daily!
  • His other 2 daily challenges, besides water intake, involve waking up to Honesty each day and doing an honest assessment of his day before. AND, choosing a good Attitude each day.

TheFatGuy has learned to use what he does well to travel his journey. He is good at the mini-challenges and uses that strength to find the best roads to travel his journey. He is using what could be a journey weakness as a strength. The one thing he worried about sabotaging his journey now helps him travel his journey.

Note to ME and YOU: Make your strengths work for you and turn your weakness into an opportunity to learn and grow.





Next time: Travel YOUR journey, not someone elses!


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