January Update on Resolutions!

My update on New Year's Resolutions is a mixed bag of news.

  • Get down to 210 from 225 by February 18th- I was up and down during the month and ended at 221.6 lbs. I did maintain and lose weight on a weekend in Pickens, which is a first for me!
  • Fit in 32" Jeans by March 2, 2011- My workouts have been pretty good, my weight will be a key here.
  • Logging Daily to at least Camp Kemo in June- I continue to log with a diligently with two days of our teen LI Retreat being the only non-log days
  • Organize rooms/car- I worked on my car, office/back room, and front hall. I did OK, but not great!
  • Have 3rd draft of my book done by January 21st- I have 7 1/2 Chapters sent to a good friend of mine with the others in progress.
  • Work with Polly to achieve our Resolutions-We have talked about how we are doing with things and the barriers to our goals. Polly has done well with her weight loss.

So what happened in January? Life happened! My mom's sister died, the Youth Marathon week took a complete chunk out of January with last minute school and individual requests/changes, I had work done for two crowns, Polly and I dealt with Hospice changes for her parents the last weekend of January, and well, life happened.

While my business mind tells me I missed deadlines, it also tells me I made progress under 'unusual' circumstances. None of my items are dead in the water and I continue to move forward on all of them. Polly and I have both made progress on our resolutions under far from ideal conditions. This is not only good news, but great news!

Why? In the past, one or both of us would have forgotten and/or shelved some or all of our resolutions by now. Writing our resolutions down and keeping check on ourselves has helped us to continue the journey and continue to move in the right direction. We will review our present status tonight and adjust, as needed. We will continue to 'face in the direction' we chose in early January.

Note to ME and YOU: Keep moving in the direction YOU choose and build each step on the positive energy found in the last step!


PS: As I wrote this a good friend tweeted this message> "An important attribute in successful people is their impatience with negative thinking and negative acting people." -Colin Powell


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