Instead of looking for the right person, BE THE RIGHT PERSON!

"Instead of looking for the right person, be the right person!" My mother-in-law, Effie, has given this advice to Polly and others when thinking about marriage. As I finished my blog on "Brutal Honesty" the other day, I starting thinking about what Effie had said and how it applies to me now and over my life.

In the past I have looked externally for far too many answers and gratifications. I have looked at food, alcohol, cigarettes, work, and some people to somehow fix me or be what I need in my life. In many cases I have given up my own happiness and life to 'outside forces'.  I have allowed these forces to head me in directions that I did not want to go, did not need to go, or should not have gone. I was always trying to find the right 'fix', the right 'thing', the right 'person', to make me the person I wanted to be. I repeated this behavior over and over again. Yes, Insanity!

I think I, and many people, would like to find that magic button to push to fix what ails us. It could be money, love, weight, work, or any number of things that are not going well in our lives. That one thing that will make it all better for us. With weight loss and fitness there are many buttons we can push. The perfect exercise machine that will make you thin, beautiful, and desirable in no time. The weight loss program that will drop 30 pounds in 6 days. The exercise plan that will make you buff overnight.

Yep, the exercise, diet, and exercise equipment industries are booming! Why are they booming? Is it because their invention or plan is SO successful? Or is it because they count on us to jump from 'button' to 'button' just pushing away trying to find that right thing to fix us?! Ever passed a yard sale that did not have a piece of fairly new exercise equipment, diet books, or DVDs in the mix? Yep, used Magic Buttons for sale. Great deal. Didn't work for me; won't work for you.

I can tell you I have pushed many buttons and tried many things. I have lost and gained a 'ton' of weight (yes, an actual ton). I looked and looked for years. I prayed for direction and knowledge. I pushed many 'buttons' that took me down 'dead end' streets, only to return to a starting point that seemed farther from where I wanted to be before pushing that button. I found the magic button on March 2, 2009.

On March 2, 2009, I found the magic button in the mirror! Yes, the button is inside of me. The button is taking a 'hard' look in the mirror and thinking about what I want, need, and what works for me. As Polly would say, "I am the most important person in the fire!" Or as Effie would say, "Instead of looking for the right person, BE THE RIGHT PERSON!" However I phrase it, I know it all starts and ends with ME. I make the choices! The best fix for ME is ME! I need to BE THE RIGHT PERSON!

Note to Me and YOU: Make one positive choice today. Choose to BE THE RIGHT PERSON!


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