I’m Not Perfect!

I’m Not Perfect!

I talk with people all of the time that tell me about the progress I have made with my weight, health, and life. Many people I talk to think that I have traveled a ‘perfect journey’, a journey that has been full of perfect weight loss days, perfect maintenance days, perfect eating, and perfect workouts.

I am here to tell you that I am FAR from perfect. I have had my ups and downs over the past 5 ½ years. I have had great stretches and ‘not so great’ stretches of lifestyle change. I saw my weight go to 251 last Christmas and immediately ‘rebooted’. I have had bad eating stretches, days where I did not take in enough water, too much salt, went on a sugar binge, and so on. I could go on and on!

Released 30 pounds of fat and toxins! Lean Muscle on board!

Released 30 pounds of fat and toxins! Lean Muscle on board!

The one thing that has been a constant is that I have stayed on my JOURNEY. I have constantly caught myself. I am constantly evaluating ME. The JOURNEY has always been the focus. I knew that it would not be easy to undo 53 years of bad lifestyle habits. I knew it would take some focus and refocus to change the path I was on at 360 pounds. The word JOURNEY was in my first log entry and has been ‘someplace’ in my mind since March 2, 2009. NOW, it may not have always been in the front of my mind, but it was in my mind, and I would bring it back to the front of my mind.

I have continued to learn and grow on my journey. I have continued to tweak things and to ‘reboot’ when necessary. When I ‘reboot’ I go back to basics and to what I know has worked and what will work for ME


SO what is the ‘take away’ from this post. It is that I have had my ups and downs, my trials and tribulations, and we (Polly and me) have seen our fair share of tough times that contributed to my ups and downs. BUT, I have not failed! I have not failed because I have NEVER given up the JOURNEY! I have never forgotten how sick I was, how bad I felt, how big I was at 360 pounds. My habits and patterns get better every day. My lifestyle gets better every day. I have learned much from my ups and downs, and I have NEVER given up!

Note to ME and YOU: Not taking action would have been failure, giving up would have been failure. Falling down 7 times and getting up the 8th time is success!

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