I don’t feel beautiful?

I don’t feel beautiful?

I had a wonderful conversation with a young lady the other day. I will not tell you the circumstances of our meeting as she may not want to be identified. I will tell you of our conversation and about her.

We talked for about 30 minutes total and I learned a lot about her as she learned a lot about me. She had 2 daughters she loved and cared for, she loved her job, did a lot to help her co-workers, genuinely cared about me and people in general, had a great smile, beautiful face, and huge heart. She is one of those people you feel comfortable talking to and sharing your life with during a conversation.

As we shared information about our lives the conversation took a very personal turn. We arrived at a point in the conversation where she said, “I don’t feel beautiful? People tell me I am, but I don’t feel I am.”  She started to cry a little and my eyes watered over. I felt for her and felt her pain. I have had that pain and it is not a pain that is easy to share. You see, she equated her weight to her beauty and to some degree her self-worth. She was obese and needed to lose a great deal of weight. She had shared some health concerns and the medicine she had to take to manage several health issues. During our chat I was concerned for her health issues and even discussed how she was like me in the fact that she was good at helping and taking care of others, but often overlooked taking care of herself and her needs. My response to her came quickly, “Beauty and weight are two separate issues.”

I told her this because I have known many people that would fit the mold of beautiful in our superficial society;  Barbie figure, ripped abs, 4% body fat, chiseled features, and you know the list. Some of these people have been some of the ugliest people I have known in my life. They are self-centered, self-absorbed, judgmental, and as one person once told me, Beauty is skin deep, but ugly is TO THE BONE! The young lady I was speaking with was a beautiful person with a weight problem.

I was her 6 years ago. Not matter what else I did in my life, I allowed my weight to diminish many other positives in my life. I do realize now that I positively impacted many people in my life and did some good things, but I allowed my weight to diminish those positives.

I wanted her to understand that she was a beautiful person and that her weight was something she might need to work on for her, for her health, for her well-being. She had much beauty in her mind, heart, soul, smile, and so much more.

As I stood to go on my way we gave each other a big hug and I said, do one thing for me “Take Care of YOU!” I asked her to download my story from my website and I gave her my contact info to let me know how she is doing and how I might be able to help her with her journey. I told her I would not promise her it would always be easy to lose weight, but she needed to work to make it simple, and she needed to know it would be more than a worthwhile journey.

My hope and prayer is she travels a successful journey and builds on the beautiful person she is now. Yes, I met a truly beautiful person the other day and like all of us she has something in her life she has to work on to be the person she wants to be. I hope she does it for herself and not some perceived need to be like someone else.  And if you read this: Take Care of YOU! And know you are a beautiful person, PERIOD! And KNOW YOU TOUCHED MY HEART.

Note to ME and YOU:   Beauty comes in many shapes and sizes. DO NOT let a pretty package fool you into thinking you see beauty. Or as a friend told me “Beauty is skin deep, ugly is to the bone!”



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