I am enjoying life!

I am enjoying life! This is something I do without thought now. Before I started my journey I was not enjoying life. I was reviewing my  FatGuyDiary log this  morning and one post jumped out at ME. It is one of the first posts on my website on Day 55 of my journey, April 24, 2009.



Posted Fri, 2009-04-24 15:19 by TheFatGuy

Today I weigh 316.8 lbs. I feel great, no cravings and I am heading in the direction I want to head. I will take another picture over the weekend and update you on how things look. The training @ Golds Gym with Matt is going well. We have developed a good relationship that will help me continue in a fit direction. I have set goals of 150 pounds weight loss, bench press 300 lbs, and do unassisted pull-ups for the first time in a long long time.

I am enjoying life!


This was the first time I thought seriously about possible fitness goals and also the first time I realized "I was enjoying life." I was still over 300 pounds but HAPPY with ME. I was setting healthy goals, living a healthy lifestyle and heading in a positive direction. I was focused on taking care of me and on fixing TheFatGuy. It was the first time I started realizing how bad I felt at 360 pounds and how good I could feel if I stayed on My Journey.

I wish everyone could feel as good as I feel now. I wish everyone could and would enjoy life. It would be a much better world. My tagline helps guide me to enjoy my life. Living, Loving, Losing , Laughing! are 4 key words for MY Journey:

  • Living- I was not 'living' in 2009. Now I drink life and embrace it each day. Good or bad, I learn and grow with it all.
  • Loving- I did not love Myself in 2009, or at least, not the way I should have! Now I love MY Journey, Love who I am becoming, and love everyone that makes my life so special.
  • Losing- This is more than just the weight. Losing the weight was and is GREAT! Losing my daily 'baggage' is my focus with this word now. You know, all of the crap we deal with that we store up. I work on 'losing' this baggage daily. The longer we hang on to life's baggage, the harder it is to enjoy life.
  • Laughing- I was not laughing in 2009. Nothing funny about 360 pounds, a boat load of meds, and health issues. Now, I love to laugh at ME and laugh with others.  I love laughing at all of life's little special moments.

I guess you can tell by now that 'I am enjoying life!' Not every moment is perfect. Not every situation goes the way I may have mapped it out. BUT, the Journey, the Journey has been Phenomenal! I would not trade one step of this journey to ME!

Note to ME and YOU: If you are enjoying life, GREAT! If not, my wish for you is that you find the journey that takes you there!



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